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ABOUT is more than a BIO

ABOUT on Bobbi Mastrangelo’s web site has:   A  Bobbi’s Bio with a Photo, Achievements Accolades and Resumes “A Teacher Turned Artist” by  Robby Grisafi, a Fifth Grade Student “Bobbi Mastrangelo, a former elementary schoolteacher is now a Port Jefferson Artist. Her art is very different than most people’s idea of art. She makes reliefs and sculptures of […]

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Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Work in Jan/Feb 2010 Fiber Arts Magazine

The Sidewalk Was Paved in Gold Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Fiber Art sculpture relief  “The Side Walk Was  Paved in Gold” was featured in The January – February 2010 Issue of Fiber Arts Magazine.  Bobbi felt honored to have her work chosen as the representative piece for “Make an Impression,” (the art of combining hand made paper […]

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Bobbi Mastrangelo In Celestopea Times Interview

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s interview by Sumara Love, is a very extensive piece covering her art development. You can learn how a propensity for circles propelled her into manhole art.   You can view her early works including her pencil drawing completed in High School and other traitional themes from her “Classic Works.” Amiens Cathedral, France You will learn the influences on her […]

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Attleboro Arts Museum News

   Museum Director Mim Fawcett & chairperson Michael Evans (Staff Photo by Mike George for The Sun Chronicle) Prior to the Attleboro Arts Museum Auction, The Sun Chronicle devoted a comprenhensive article to the 18th Benefit auction. This year the focus was on the four “out- of – state” artists who have made significant contributions to the […]

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Attleboro Arts Auction

Benefit Auction   On-line auction   Oct. 9 to Nov. 4, 2009   Live event takes place  on November 7, 2009.    Bobbi Mastrangelo’s 2009 art donations.   BROWSE  through over $50,000 of donated original art. You may find an art work that speaks to you. Bidding is easy and fun and you will be supporting the […]

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Art off to Atlanta

  Bobbi Mastrangelo holding:  “The Street Was Paved in Gold” The relief features a water valve cover of cast paper and cheese  cloth.  The pavers are constructed from hand made paper  fitted over beveled  foam core and finished in stone textures. “When,” the relief on the wall is topped with a metallic water- meter pit cover print impression hosting an […]

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9/11 Remembrance

Let this date be a reminder of our precious Freedoms. As Americans, let us do our part to keep these freedoms. Honor our country. Help us to be United instead of divided. Let us work for tolerance and peace. “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism” is the story about the art work I created related to […]

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Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “American Pride” for National Post Card Week 2009

Each year Bobbi Mastrangelo selects one of her art images for National Post Card Week which is celebrated annually during the first full week in May. Over one hundred fifty persons trade cards during the spring and summer season. Post Card Collectors, also called Deltiologists, have participated in the NPCW Exchange for twenty six years. […]

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American Pride Sculpture

The patriotic theme for National Post Card Week 2009  would be based on a new sculpture relief. After many sketches, I arrived at a satisfactory design of a patriotic manhole cover for a sidewalk scene.         Believe it or not, finishing the relief edge was very time consuming.  The top layer was of […]

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Mastrangelo Won 1st Place in Sculpture

Bobbi Mastrangelo won first prize for sculpture at the Osceola Center for the Arts 2009 Annual Juried Art Show in May.   “The Essential Element” was selected for first prize from three of Bobbi’s entries. This miniature rotating sculpture packed a powerful message: “To globally conserve and protect our precious resource of water.”   Fifty-three artists competed for top […]