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ABOUT is more than a BIO

ABOUT on Bobbi Mastrangelo’s web site has:

  A  Bobbi’s Bio with a Photo, Achievements Accolades and Resumes

“A Teacher Turned Artist” by  Robby Grisafi, a Fifth Grade Student

“Bobbi Mastrangelo, a former elementary schoolteacher is now a Port Jefferson Artist. Her art is very different than most people’s idea of art. She makes reliefs and sculptures of manhole covers. Bobbi has been doing her art ever since the 1980’s.

Manhole covers are covers used by town, utility and municipal workers to gain access to everything underground like storm drains and gasoline pumps. She does this art not only for a hobby, but to preserve history. Some of the manhole covers could be over 100 years old and not be here anymore, so she likes to preserve history.” Tiny Headshot

Family Support (Stories, etc)

“My Mother the Artist” was written by our daughter, Anne Marie Mastrangelo when she was 12.

READ  the  story in her own handwriting.

Daughter Anne at 12

Anne Marie Mastrangelo


Precious Water”

Everything is made of water

Precious water

Read the whole poem…

National Post Card Week Issues

Buckeye      Buckeye 1997 Post Card

Stories about the Art Spring PC Image

  Grate Spring Story

Be sure to check the ABOUT section periodically for new items.

 Bobbi Mastrangelo- Biography -“The Grate Works” -transforms manhole covers, sewers and grates into artistic streetscapes.

3 replies on “ABOUT is more than a BIO”

Hi Bobbi,

I was so excited to see your “Grateworks”,
since I thought I was the only one that appreciated
the various manholes/ covers around the country.

As an explorer, I would take photo’s of various
manholes around the country as I travel for business.
My friends & business associates think I’m crazy
when I stop to photograph a manhole or utility cover
that has a unique design.
I love the Industrial Art as I call it. It was interesting
to see you produced a “Buckeye” Post Card, since I
am from the Buckeye State of Ohio.

I found your website & postings about your art work,
which I really appreciate, while searching information about the “Nat. Post Card Week”. I am getting involved with NPCW for the first time, as a brand new collector of Post Cards, having just joined (30days ago.)
It is a local Post Card club. The members are interesting collectors of many things and appreciate history of the early
manufacturers and inventors of Ohio. ( Ex.Trucks, Cars, farm equipment/ tractors, Canal boats, Railroads, Tom Edison, Wright Brothers, Harvey Firestone, Kettering, etc.)
I happen to like the Ford Tri-motor Airplane which flew
between the Lake Erie Islands for many years, but I
like many of the great history and fine art work that
went into these post cards.

I have lots to learn and lots to explore. I would love to exchange cards with you if you are doing that?
Please advise if you are willing to do so.

Best regards,

Randy Wilcox
April 5 2010 13:15 PM

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