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Mim Fawcett, Museum Director and Michael Evans, chairperson   Museum Director Mim Fawcett & chairperson Michael Evans

(Staff Photo by Mike George for The Sun Chronicle)

Prior to the Attleboro Arts Museum Auction, The Sun Chronicle devoted a comprenhensive article to the 18th Benefit auction. This year the focus was on the four “out- of – state” artists who have made significant contributions to the Massachusetts Museum. I was one of those four whom Correspondant, Janette Boulay highlighted. In the photo above, my “Buffalo Water Cover” is on the pedestal to the right of Michael Evans.

The other three artists: Charter Weeks, Sarah Hauser and Hooshang Khorasani all have fascinating bios which I really enjoyed and I think you will too.  Here is the link to the whole story.

7 replies on “Attleboro Arts Museum News”

All the best to you, Bobbi.
You are truly a fascinating lady!
I’m so happy to know you are doing what you enjoy.
May God bless you!
Nancy Wibben

Bravo!!!! Bobbi

You’ve come a log way with your creative and artistic talent.

Thanks for keeping me updated about your continuing success.

Terry Arzillo
(Who worked with you at Smithtown Elementary)

Dear Bobbi,
I was looking through some saved stuff
and saw you last year’s contribution.
I like this years better, but both are lovely.
Mary Ann Haring Sanchez
Your Maryvale High School Classmate

Hello, Bobbi:

I am happy to know more about you. So much talent exists in our little enclave! We get so engrossed with our music and paying dutiful attention at rehearsals that we do not find the time to make better acquaintance with our peers.

You are so talented — what a unique art genre! Somewhere, sometime, I have heard/read about the “grate artist” with no clue that she lives within our midst here in lovely Solivita, and that she sings with me close by in the Soprano Section of The Guys and Dolls Chorus.

I love your art. It reminds me of the “temple rubbings” I’ve seen in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia, when I used to travel as part of my work in my previous life. I also loved reading your poems — how sensitive and eco-conscious. (To these days, I confess I continue attempting to write “poetry,” now about wildlife and how they have been overwhelmed by human-wrought development.)

At our next rehearsal, let’s exchange more than just smiles.


Zynia (Rionda)

Dear Bobbi,

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful words and exceptional donations to the Attleboro Arts Museum’s Benefit Auction. Please see the link below to read the article.

Again, your words and support are very much appreciated.
My best,
Mim Fawcett,
Museum Director
Attleboro Arts Museum

Hi Bobbi,

How was the auction? I liked the blue water one – it seems to pop right out at you. Thank you for including me on your emails and progress. I like to read about how your art is moving and the different elements you add to the general theme of manhole covers. Although I think your large pieces are spectacular, I like the small ones as they can blend more easily with different room decors. Keep up the grate work!

As for me, I am well as is my family. I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling and have recently returned from my trip to Sydney, Australia. The Australian people are quite friendly and the food is absolutely fabulous.
Well, take care and have a wonderful holiday. Say hello to Al for me and everyone else. Be safe and hope to see you next year.

Yuen Tang

12/15/2009 7:37:48 P.M

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