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Art off to Atlanta

Bobbi Mastrangelo's "Grate Works" off to Georgia Tech  Bobbi Mastrangelo holding:  “The Street Was Paved in Gold”

The relief features a water valve cover of cast paper and cheese

 cloth.  The pavers are constructed from hand made paper

 fitted over beveled  foam core and finished in stone textures.

“When,” the relief on the wall is topped with a metallic water-

meter pit cover print impression hosting an anti litter

poem below.  Here is the story of  “When’s” creation.

Bobbi's Anti-Litter Poem
Bobbi’s Anti-Litter Poem

Both works were chosen for The Friends of Dard Hunter

(Paper Makers’) 2009 Juried Exhibition “Make an Impression”

the art of combining hand made paper with print.  The Neely

Gallery in Atlanta’s Georgia Tech Library and Information

Center will host the exhibit from Oct. 12, 2009 – Jan. 4, 2010.

 Fiberarts® magazine has kindly consented to

 provide a PDF file of  “Passion for Paper,”

written by Sally Hansell.

Passion for Paper in Fiber Arts Magazine

11 replies on “Art off to Atlanta”

Dear Bobbi,
Your art piece is wonderful. I too will not be able to attend the Atlanta Conference.
One day we will have the good fortune to get together and have a lovely visit…
Until then….
Warm regards
Marilyn Wold,
Papermaker from Oregon USA

Your web site ……has a very nice photo of you!!!!!
You look lovely and it is a nice pose with your work!!!!
I think that blue is your color!!!!

I do like the info that you give about making the
background for the piece. How would a person
think to leave paper to dry on the bricks so that
it would really resemble the street?

You artists know all of the tricks…
or at least like to experiment!!!!
“When People Care” has been a favorite of mine
Your friend,

The Friends of Dard Hunter Convention was good, as it always is. Felt like there wasn’t enough time to visit with people or see everything. Guess that’s a good sign.
Sounds like you are keeping very active–and the Members’ Exhibit was one of the best they’ve had.
Congratulations with getting your work into that show.
Sally Rose

Sally Rose
Professor, Art Department
Fiber Design
Central Michigan University
(989)774-3161 office

Sorry that you were unable to attend the conference.
Your work looked great in both the introduction
images and the Make an Impression Exhibition.

I think the exhibition is one of the best
the Friends of Dard Hunter has mounted.
If you can get to Atlanta before the end
of the year it is worth swinging by.

Betsy Dollar
Executive Director
Friends of Dard Hunter, Inc.

Hello, Bobbi:

I am happy to know more about you. So much talent exists in our little enclave! We get so engrossed with our music and paying dutiful attention at rehearsals that we do not find the time to make better acquaintance with our peers. You are so talented — what a unique art genre! Somewhere, sometime, I have heard/read about the “grate artist” with no clue that she lives within our midst here in lovely Solivita, and that she sings with me close by.

I love your art. It reminds me of the “temple rubbings” I’ve seen in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia, when I used to travel as part of my work in my previous life. I also loved reading your poems — how sensitive and eco-conscious. (To these days, I confess I continue attempting to write “poetry,” now about wildlife and how they have been overwhelmed by human-wrought development.)

At our next rehearsal, let’s exchange more than just smiles.


Zynia (Rionda)
Soprano in Solivita’s “Guys and Dolls” Chorus

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(Hello, my name is Sabrina and I was searching the internet, it was then that I found your blog gladly, which is quite pleasant to read. I return next week to read you again. Greetings, Sabrina)

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Leiber Thailand Top 100,

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Ich wünschte, ich wüsste mehr.
Mein Web-Master installiert die die globale Übersetzer. Es ist auf der Homepage.
Viel Glück

Bobbi Mastrangelo

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