Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Mandala Response to Oliwia Gajda

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Mandala Response to Oliwia Gajda Oliwia Gajda, a student at Jan Kochanowski’s University in Kielce, Poland is finishing her 5th year of Fine Art. She is writing her master’s thesis on the mandala. She contacted contemporary artists who create mandalas and asked for permission to use the information provided by them in her work.  She asked us to select seven […]

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Bobbi Mastrangelo In Celestopea Times Interview

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s interview by Sumara Love, is a very extensive piece covering her art development. You can learn how a propensity for circles propelled her into manhole art.   You can view her early works including her pencil drawing completed in High School and other traitional themes from her “Classic Works.” Amiens Cathedral, France You will learn the influences on her […]