747 Coronado Drive, Poinciana FL 34759


Bobbi Mastrangelo was born in Youngstown, Ohio May 16, 1937.


BS Elementary Education, SUNY Buffalo, NY; Art Studies at SUNY Stony Brook, NY; Printmaking at Suffolk Community College Selden, NY; studied printmaking with Gail Cohen Edelman, Clare Romano, John Ross and Dan Welden. Paper making at Manhattan Graphics Center & Women’s Studio Workshop of Rosendale, NY.

1959-1966 Taught Elementary Grades: Smithtown Central School District

1989-1999 Title I Tutor K – 5: Smithtown Elementary School, Smithtown NY

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s art incorporates manhole and water covers in urban settings. The artist challenges the viewer: to observe the inherent artistry of the early castings, to appreciate the technology and maintenance of our public utilities and roads and to promote conservation and protection of our environment.
Media Variety: collagraphs, cast paper, fiber art, mixed media, mono-prints, prints on Handmade paper, works on canvas, sculpture and installations. (Realistic rendering)

2020 “Women in the Arts” One of 3 Local Finalists, Orlando Public Library, Florida

2020 “The Genius of Women in the Arts” Third Place, Local Finalists,
Orlando FL Public Library

2018 Esther M. Bjeldanes Memorial Award for Sculpture Nat Association of Women Artists

2015 Daughters of the American Revolution: National Women in the Arts Award

2014 “Best of Show” FL Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thurs. Exhibit: “Inside/Out”

2014 Fifth Place

2010 The NRDC (Nat. Resources Defense Council ) Environmental Art Prize

2009 First Place Award in Sculpture: Osceola Center for the Arts, Kissimmee FL

2008 Third Place Award in Mixed Media: Osceola Center for the Arts, Kissimmee FL

2007 “Sewer Hall of Fame”

2005 First Place Award in Sculpture: Osceola Center for the Arts, Kissimmee, FL

1998+ “Who’s Who in America” and “Who’s Who in the World”

1997 Aida Whedon Memorial Award: Nat Association of Women Artists, NYC.

1994 Hall of Fame Award (Art & Envir. Achievement) Maryvale H S: Cheektowaga, NY

1994 + 1992 SOS Grants; NY Foundation for the Arts & East End Arts Council

1992 Eve Helman Award: Nat Association of Women Artists, NYC.

1991+ “Who’s Who in American Art” “Who’s Who of American Women” (Marquis)

2019 “Grate Works of Art” The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

2016-2017 “Plastics Undercover”- “Grate Works of Art” Orlando FL History Center

2013 “Manhole Messages” % Islip Art Museum at Mac Arthur Airport, Ronkonkoma, NY

2011 “Water Works” Toho Water Authority Gallery: Kissimmee FL

2004 “Underfoot: Manhole & Other Covers” Attleboro Industrial Museum, MA

1998 “Grate Works” Baltimore, MD: Museum of Public Works

1997 “Permanent Collection of Grate Works” Islip Art Museum: East Islip, NY

1994 “Manhole Covers” Invitational, N Y Hall of Science: Corona

2022 “Dream Shapes” Florida Sculptors Guild at Osceola Arts, Kissimmee FL

2020 “The Genius of Women in the Arts” Orlando FL Public Library

2016 “Sight Unseen: Touchable Sculpture” Albin Polasek Museum, Winter Park FL

2014 “Best of the Best” (1st Thursday: June) Orlando Museum of Art, Florida

2014 “Inside/Out (1st Thursday: May) Orlando Museum of Art, Florida

2013 “Art in a Time of Climatological Catastrophe” WEAD Juried Exhibition

2012 “A Way With Words: Text in Art” Heckscher Museum of Art: Huntington, NY

2010 “Water S(our)ce” Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center: Buford, GA

2004 “NY Collects Buffalo State” Burchfield-Penney Art Center: Buffalo, NY

1999 “Winners Showcase Exhibit” Smithtown, NY Arts Council

1995 ”Listen to the Earth” (Invitational) Hamilton College: Clinton, NY

1992 “City Views” Staller Arts Center SUNY: Stony Brook, NY

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