Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “American Pride” for National Post Card Week 2009

Each year Bobbi Mastrangelo selects one of her art images for National Post Card Week which is celebrated annually during the first full week in May. Over one hundred fifty persons trade cards during the spring and summer season. Post Card Collectors, also called Deltiologists, have participated in the NPCW Exchange for twenty six years. Some of the PC Aficionados have specific themes, for example: the cards of Eileen Goldsmith display outhouse cartoons, Jack Mount deals with historic markers along Route 66 and Audrey Madan’s cards honor antique hat pins.

An extensive National Post Card Week Collection is posted by Demaris Swint at.  Her site and many other links to NPCW issues can be found on popular search engines.

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s 2009 Post Card: “American Pride”

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s post cards are based on her art theme of manhole covers and water covers. Most of her images included a photo of a sculpture relief. Exceptions were in the Patriotic Series. In 2007 and 2008 her camouflage grate and base were set into a sandy moraine landscape.
The 2009 card, “American Pride,” is a detail taken from a small, irregularly shaped sculpture relief.
It is a scene of a USA manhole cover and a child’s chalked lettering on the sidewalk:
“I LUV the USA… by Molly.”

NPCW issues from 1992 to the present are exhibited on her web site bio: Post card dedications and related stories are archived on Mastrangelo’s News-Blog:

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s 2009 Post Card: “American Pride”

19 thoughts on “Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “American Pride” for National Post Card Week 2009

  1. Hi Bobbi,
    Thanks for another Pretty Card. Very Nice, but I have to say the 2006 “Grate Spring” is still my favorite…as I love flowers.

    It is so unusual.
    You have a “Grate Spring!”
    My Best,

  2. NPCW 2009

    A postcard is a paper treasure
    Sent to bring you cheer.
    It only takes 5 simple words:
    Wish that you were here.

    Barbara Sussman
    Long Island NY

  3. Bobbi,
    Thank you for your 2009 NPCW post card “American Pride.” It is a very good theme.
    Enclosed is my effort for 2009, a post card scene from Church of The Holy Cross in Sedona which my wife and I visited. The amazing structure rising from the rocks was built by a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright.
    Happy Post Card Collecting!
    Guy Snyder
    NPCW Pen Pal from Illinois

  4. Hi Bobbi,
    Wow, this one is my favorite! You are really awesome Bobbi.
    Thanks for making the streets of America look beautiful!
    God bless you!
    Nancy Wibben
    Long Island NY

  5. Dear Bobbi,
    Thank you for your latest manhole cover card. You always come up with something interesting. It’s nice to see your latest cards tied up with your obvious Patriotic Spirit.
    My card is a photo I took in DC last September of The WW II Memorial on my WW II Veteran Father’s 85th Birthday. I hope you enjoy my cards as much as I do yours.
    John Staub
    NPCW Pen Pal
    Beaverton OR

  6. Knowing Bobbi is knowing a dynamic, talented and loving artist. Her newest work emanates with her pride in America and creative energy merging into a unique work. Congratulations, dear Bobbi!
    Hal and Sandy
    Long Island NY

  7. Thanks so very much for keeping my “Grateworks” Post Card Collection up to date. I now have enough of your cards to mount an exhibit for one of our shows.
    Donald Brown
    The Institute of American Deltiology
    Myerstown, PA

  8. You make me proud, Bobbi.
    Proud of both the USA and proud to know you.
    Thank you for contribution to the Arts
    and people who know you.

    Have a happy day!!
    Sunny Depoian
    Solivita in Central Florida

  9. Hi Bobbi,
    Good to see all is still looking down for you.
    Your “covers” are always ‘grately’ anticipated.
    Jim Staub
    NPCW Pen Pal
    Pasadena CA

  10. Bobbi,
    I’m blown away by your creativity and your artiistic talents in this moving piece, American Pride.

    I received the postcard…much apprecited. I’m going to frame it because it’s something I want to keep and display in my office.
    Long Island NY

  11. Dear Bobbi,
    Thank you for your latest NPCW Card and the page listing “Grate Works” Post Cards from 2001 to 2009.

    I have all nine of your cards in my album. I enjoy them and proudly show them to visitors who ask about my post card collection as a representation of “special cards” I love most.

    My favorite is 2008 ” Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism.”

    Best Wishes,
    Penny Blanchette

  12. Hi Bobbi,
    Thanks for the 2009 edition to your “grate works” collection. I am sure that I have the whole collection spread out in various stacks-just have to pull them all together.
    Grace Marton
    Arcata California

  13. Hi Bobbi,
    Many thanks for your NPCW Card. It is quite unique. Never realized the art work in grates before. Will now place more attention on the ones around my town. Will also check on your web site.
    Happy Post Card Trades
    Janie Monroe
    NPCW Pen Pal
    Wilmington NC
    Support Our Troops

  14. Dear Bobbi
    Thank you so much for your lovely postcard,
    and the kind words about my hosting “The Novel Group”
    book club for “Keeping Faith” by Jodi Picoult.

    I love this particular work, it reminds me of NY.
    See you soon
    Susan Raff
    Solivita in Central Florida

  15. I just like the helpful info you provide to your articles. I will bookmark your blog-Grate Thoughts » Blog Archive » Bobbi Mastrangelo’s News on National Post Card Week 2009 and check again right here frequently. I’m certain I will learn more about post cards right here! Best of luck for the next!

  16. Dear Bobbi,
    I love your art…it is unique and so beautiful. I would love to have some postcards for the troops. They love to get mail. Unfortunately, I couldn’t decide between 2007, 2008, and 2009.
    I just love the stories behind the art. It really bring homes the meaning. I will print and include the stories to the troops. Our warriors are such kind, caring and thoughtful people…I am sure they will appreciate them.

    Thank you once again for sharing your talent with me!


    Jane Conrad NPCW Pen Pal

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