Grate Works Gallery

Bobbi Mastrangelo is an environmental artist known for her Manhole art, Water cover art, Grate works of art, Environmental art, and Street Markouts.

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Vestige SC (1999)

sculpture relief 27 x 17 x 2
Based on a slate sidewalk scene in historic Charleston SC

Metropolitan Cover (1997)

sculpture relief 48 X 36 X 5
Based on a sidewalk scene near The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

City of Orlando (2011)

sculpture relief 48 x 31 x 3
Based on a scene in Loch Haven Park near The Orlando Museum of Art.

Three Sewer Hitter (1995)

sculpture relief 34 x 30 x 4
Tribute to the city streets form of baseball. A home run hit was the distance of three sewers.

The City Beautiful (2014)

sculpture relief 47 x 31 x 2.5
The actual Orlando manhole cover is uncolored, just plain old iron

Inside 52GA-R (2014)

Mixed media wall sculpture 26 x 15 x 6
Seeing the inside of a manhole cover from underground.

The Square Route of Water (2002)

sculpture relief 21 x 21 x 3.5
Based on a sidewalk scene in Riverhead, NY

Buckeye 1 (1985)

sculpture relief 19.5 x 25.5 x 1.5
A sidewalk scene with a hand hole water cover forged in an Ohio Foundry

When the People Care (2000)

Anti-Litter Poem composed by Bobbi
Mastrangelo 1986, founded C L E A N Beautification Group: in St. James, NY.
$990 SOLD

Blue Bell (1998)

Embossment on handmade paper 24 x 30 framed
Based on the hexagonal design of the Bell System Manhole Cover
Acquired by Women in the Arts, Orlando for their permanent Collection
One unframed print available for $600

Water Service (1985)

sculpture relief 19.5 x 25.5 x 1.5
collagraph handmade paper 24 x 30 unframed
The blue street mark out: WS stands for Water Service

Glendora Water OCFTA (2013)
Glendora Water (2013)

sculpture relief 19 x 14 x 1.75
$870 SOLD

manhole art Gaz sculpture relief

sculpture relief 21 x 16 x 2.5
Based on a gas Cover scene in Antibes, France
$1,500 SOLD

Reuse (2013)

sculpture relief 17 x 12 x 2
The Reuse water valve cover provides access to recycled water
$580 SOLD

Three Waters

11″ x 14″ x 2″ mixed media
Three cast paper water covers on a textured background.
$290 SOLD

American Pride (2009)

sculpture relief 9 x 15 x 1.5
Based on a gas Cover scene in Antibes, France

Florida Storm Sewer (Do Not Pollute) (2015)

sculpture relief 48 x 29 x 6.5
The Reuse water valve cover provides access to recycled water

Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism (2008)

One-of-a-kind wall sculpture. 50″ w x 27″ h x 5″ d.
Freedom Grate constructed of pillow foam covered in fabric.
Chimney contains scenes of 9/11 terror attack

Diamond of the Gold Coast (2021)

sculpture relief $8″ x 34″ x 3″

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