The patriotic theme for National Post Card Week 2009 would be based on a new sculpture relief. After many sketches, I arrived at a satisfactory design of a patriotic manhole cover for a sidewalk scene.  Once it was completed, I set it into a durable foam piece. To look authentic, it needed random side-walk cracks. […]

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“Grate Works” on Prestigious Florida Web Site

“Metropolitan Cover ” is the first of the fifteen images of my sculptures and prints featured in my portfolio.  The web site, de-signed by Glenn Heino, displays members’ art from The Florida Chapter of The National Association of Women Artists. The National Association of Women Artists, founded in 1989, is the oldest professional women’s fine […]

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Hazardous Waste Site

Bobbi Creating “Hazardous Waste Site” One of my most unique challenges was creating a “Hazardous Waste Site” visually warning viewers to protect our water supply. The “Outdoor Sculpture Now” exhibition on the grounds of The Islip Museum provided the perfect installation spot. I knew I could use the water supply cover from my ** Save […]

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It’s All About Water

  “It’s All About Water” Exhibited at The Smithtown Township Arts Council Members’ Forum Nov. 2008  The Mills Pond House Gallery 660 Route 25A St James, NY 11780 It’s All About Water (details)   The subject matter is the perpetual water cycle and the protection of this most precious resource. Three equidistant panels of […]


Acqua Dolce and Blue Water

Acqua Dolce and and its companion piece, Blue Water are this year’s donations to benefit the Attleboro Arts Museum in Massachusetts. The online portion of 17th Benefit Art Auction is now open. The auction will run from Oct. 10, 2008 to Nov. 12, 2008, with the live event taking place on November 15, 2008. The […]

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Petite Papers for Hawaian Art Exhibit

Recently I created three petite works on hand made paper to be exhibited during the FDH Paper Makers Conference PAPER IN PARADISE · KONA, HAWAII October 23 – 26, 2008 Featured above is “BUFFALO WATER” based on an eight inch diameter water valve cover. The original cover was cast by a Buffalo Foundary, but believe […]


My Mother the Artist

I came across my daughter’s essay while preparing my files for The Archives at The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC. It made me feel very nostalgic, realizing how important my family is to me.  And so Anne Marie’s story will initiate a series about the family’s support of my art […]

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Vienna Sewers from “The Third Man Movie”

“I wonder what the sewers looked like in “The Third Man?” my friend Rosie asked. One of the most famous scenes in the classic 1949 movie takes place in Vienna’s underground – in the city’s sewers. Karin from The Third Man Museum was able to provide photos of the open and closed manhole covers and the stairwell to the underground  that Harry Lime used in ‘The Third […]

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Tribute to Iris Fiorvante.

  Iris was a very talented artist whose work I admired when my career began. Her abstract expressionist style garnered many awards at prestigious exhibitions on Long Island, NY in the 1980’s. She died too young. But her work lives on. Fortunately, I was able to purchase a piece of her art: a dynamic little […]

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“Irish Blessing” (Ballinasloe Water Cover)

Story by the Artist My young friend, Helen Anne Gately, gave me reference material on The Ballinasloe Water Valve Cover located on a sidewalk near her Father’s hometown in Ireland.  Not only did it feature a handsome Celtic Pattern, but it also had the Gaelic Word for Water, “Uisce”. Wear’ in of the Green and […]

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