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“God Bless America” at Attleboro Arts Museum Benefit Auction Oct. 11 – Nov. 2. 2013

Since 2001, I have been donating art for Attleboro Art Museum’s annual fundraiser.  Proceeds from the auction fund colorful and innovative arts programs for all levels of artists and art students.  The on-line bidding is now open.  Here is a chance to purchase art at a reasonable price and support the arts too. View all the […]

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Nine Eleven Memorial Tribute in 2011

ARTISTS’ CONTRIBUTIONS FOR 9/11/2011 TRIBUTE Curated by Bobbi Mastrangelo & Posted by Cheryl Wilson The Attack The Ruins Rescues and Searches   Waiting, Hoping Angels Memorials Poems, Music, Artifacts   Operation Iraqi Freedom Ground Zero Memorial 2011 Photos. THE ATTACK “Soaring Spirits at Ground Zero” Oil on Canvas 5′ x 6′  2002 June Long -Schuman […]

Artistic Contritubions Manhole Sculpture News-Events Nine Eleven Art and Poetry for 9/2011 Other Artists Patriotic Patriotism Positive Reinforcement

Contribute Your Art Images or Inspirational Words for a Nine Eleven Tribute

This September 11, 2011 will be the tenth anniversary of the horrendous Terror Attack.  It is time for us  to remember those who lost their lives or were injured on September 11,2001.  It is time to appreciate our patriots who perished in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let us reflect on how we can work together to promote global […]

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Grandson Drew’s Flag for Veterans’ Day 2010

Veterans Day 2010 Remember our Vets Honor Our Military Our grandson, Drew enthusiastically painted his version of The American Flag when he was only seven.  Will he maintain his patriotism as an adult?  How will he view the election campaigns as an adult? Drew at Bat   “Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of […]

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 and “President Hunters” by Friedrich O. Georg (A book with campaign reform ideas)   POST ELECTION GRAYS We’re tired of…… Mudslinging campaigns And Politicians’ Forays That Submerge us in Post- election grays. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here’s a political philosophy to brighten your days.   President Hunters by Friedrich O. Georg President Hunters by Friedrich O Georg was the book chosen by […]

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9/11 Remembrance

Let this date be a reminder of our precious Freedoms. As Americans, let us do our part to keep these freedoms. Honor our country. Help us to be United instead of divided. Let us work for tolerance and peace. “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism” is the story about the art work I created related to […]

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Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “American Pride” for National Post Card Week 2009

Each year Bobbi Mastrangelo selects one of her art images for National Post Card Week which is celebrated annually during the first full week in May. Over one hundred fifty persons trade cards during the spring and summer season. Post Card Collectors, also called Deltiologists, have participated in the NPCW Exchange for twenty six years. […]

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American Pride Sculpture

The patriotic theme for National Post Card Week 2009  would be based on a new sculpture relief. After many sketches, I arrived at a satisfactory design of a patriotic manhole cover for a sidewalk scene.         Believe it or not, finishing the relief edge was very time consuming.  The top layer was of […]

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