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9/11 Remembrance

Let this date be a reminder of our precious Freedoms. As Americans, let us do our part to keep these freedoms. Honor our country. Help us to be United instead of divided. Let us work for tolerance and peace. “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism” is the story about the art work I created related to […]

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National Post Card Week 2008 Dedication

  “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism” Bobbi Mastrangelo’s 2008 PC for NPCW is dedicated to  those who lost their lives due to the 9/11 Terrorist Attack   and to all the World Citizens fighting for freedom &  justice.     Read the story behind the creation of the sculpture-collage.      Grate Thoughts » Blog Archive » “Don’t Go Soft […]

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“Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism”

(The Inside Story) “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism” Story by the Artist Download/Print PDF “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism!” was actually created using thick pillow foam. Cutting the pillow foam was easy. But covering the soft foam grate and its support rim was a challenge. It was tricky and sticky. Fitting the material over curved […]