Bobbi Mastrangelo In Celestopea Times Interview

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s interview by Sumara Love, is a very extensive piece covering her art development. You can learn how a propensity for circles propelled her into manhole art.

Whirlpool Galaxy

Whirlpool Galaxy


You can view her early works including her pencil drawing completed in High School and other traitional themes from her “Classic Works.”

Amiens Cathedral, France1.  Cathedral of Amiens

You will learn the influences on her modern Picassosque renditions and soul portraits called “Mod Works”

Picasso's World

Picasso’s World

Then you will circle forward seeing and learning more about the “Grate Works” and the artist’s memorable moments in her art career.

Bobbi at The Baltimore Public Works Museum

Bobbi at The Baltimore Public Works Museum

Unfortunately, Celestopea Times and the full interview are no longer available on the net. ( 12/27/2015)


22 thoughts on “Bobbi Mastrangelo In Celestopea Times Interview

  1. It’s truly been an honor communicating with you, Bobbi and adding you as artist
    of Celestopea.
    You are amazingly talented as well as a very interesting person.
    We have a lot in common when it
    comes to the desire to expand one’s
    knowlege and spirituality.
    You are an amazing artist!

    I wish you the best always. May your talent continue to grow that you inspire those who admire your art.

    •…♥*Sending you lots of love•…♥*
    .¸.•´ ¸.•*¨) •…♥*Peace, Light & Blessings♥*♥*♥
    (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•
    . . * ♥ * * •…♥*♫*•*¨¨*•♫…♥*♥*♥*♥*”

    ♥ Sumara ♥

  2. Hello There, Bobbi–
    I am so behind in opening/reading my emails!
    Just looked at the one regarding your interviews
    and showing, etc…You are an amazing woman.
    Proud to know you!

    Joy Aronson,
    Book Club Friend from
    The Novel Group

  3. Hola, mi nombre es Sabrina y estube buscando por internet, fue entonces que encontre tu blog, el cual me gusto mucho, el cual es bastante agradable para leer. Regreso la proxima semana para leerte de nuevo. Saludos Sabrina

  4. Hello Bobbi,

    I am continually impressed with your ‘climb’ to the top!!!!! . This latest article gives more information than I have read before this. I am loving the entire ‘climb!’

    Your “Northern Art Agent”

  5. Hi Bobbi,
    I went to your blog and see that you are also very busy. I’ve said it before but I just love your art! Some day I would like to buy a piece- when we have our sea dome built.

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop and best of luck to you always! Your interview will have it’s permanent address on the Celestopea domain.

    ♥ Sumara ♥

  6. Congratulations Bobbi
    on another wonderful honor.
    I can sense the joy and pleasure
    you have in doing what
    you are gifted to do!!

    It is because of your influence
    and inspiration that I enjoyed
    a career in teaching,
    doing what I was gifted to do!

    Thank you for staying
    in touch all these years.

    Your former student
    Mary Ann

  7. Hi Bobbi,
    This was a “grate” interview, so glad to learn
    the details of your very impressive background.

    All your fans eagerly
    await your next creations.
    Best wishes,

    Mimi Melnick
    Author, “Manhole Covers”

  8. Bobbi,
    YOU have a special gift and have made something wonderful out of it.
    Congratulations on finding a life’s work
    that you can enjoy and be creative at.
    It’s a gift given to very few.
    Mary Ann Haring Sanchez,
    Your Maryvale High School Classmate.

  9. Bobbi…
    what a terrific interview!
    It is good to see you get the recognition
    as an artist that you truly deserve.
    I loved the poem about dreams…
    Ange Mastrangelo
    Your Brother-in-law

  10. Aunt Bobbi:
    “Grate” interview!!! It’s exciting to have other artists in the family!! I hope this finds you doing well. I’m doing a recital next month and will have a good recording made and send it along to you. Take care, and again, congratulations-
    Your Nephew,
    Dave Mastrangelo
    Violinist with Naples Symphony Orchestra

  11. Bobbi & Al,
    Just wanted to say hi !!! Hope you’re well.
    I still love all your Art work the most of anything in art I have ever purchased.
    I enjoy hearing from you.
    Rich Kuri…….
    RJK Gardens (Landscaping)
    St James NY 11780

  12. Hi Bobbi, Wonderful to see a member of the Artisan Guild of Solivita get such accolades. I am sure you are very proud of yourself. We all are. Rhoda Schwartz

  13. Hey Bobbi,
    Pretty cool! Thanks for sending it.
    How’s everything going over there?
    Thanks a ton for telling me that there’s still a happy buzz about being the visiting author at Solivita.. I surely did enjoy myself. It was so neat meeting great
    folks like you!

    L. C. Hayden
    Author of the mystery
    “Why Casey Had to Die”
    and “Bell Shaped Flowers,”
    a young adult inspirational novelette

    How do you feel about being on e-bay?
    (Someone sold one of your Picasso’s World Prints in Sept. 2010)

    The art world is wide and varied.
    Good luck and keep working.
    Besides providing beauty for the world,
    you feed your soul while making it.

    Mary Ann Haering Sanchez
    Your Maryvale High School Buddy
    Class of 1955

  15. Bridget Gardella Harding
    Subject: remembering a friend through art
    Hello Mrs. Mastrangelo

    My name is Bridget.
    I was friends with your daughter, Ann and son, Peter in high school.
    I was recently going through my paintings and wall hangings and my 8 year old asked where I got “this cool unicorn painting ” from I then explained to her how you had an art studio (what I remembered anyway) down stairs and had all pieces of glass and plastics and papers and colors galore and how you made paper and used manhole covers as your inspiration for art. She was fascinated.
    I often think of your art and the times spent at your house.
    I always thought your art was wonderful and just thought I would send a note to let you know.
    I currently live in Connecticut and I am an RN at our local hospital. My daughter loves art and has done some classes over the summer combining arts and science that she truly enjoyed. Our basement is what she refers to as her art studio so she was in awe that you had such a great space so many years ago and did your “own thing.”
    It was my sweet sixteen when I received that painting and I still admire it . Thank You
    Bridget (Gardella) Harding

  16. Bobbi,
    I am not artistic, but I do have an appreciation for your talent.
    Janet Hannaway showed me her present from Mike,
    a giclee of the Amiens Cathedral.
    She is so proud to have your art work. It means so much to her.
    I can hardly believe you drew it when you were so young.
    Keep up the good work.

    (Fellow Soprano in Solivita’s “Guys and Dolls” Chorus)

  17. Good Morning Bobbi!

    I’ve had no more spilled water…..but I would welcome it if it brought another lovely soul like you into my world!
    I really enjoyed reading through your newsletter and seeing your interview….you have gotten lovelier as the years have passed.
    My favorite piece of your work is titled “Sunburst”….it just captured me. I found the sunburst in a newsletter interview on your web-site…it really is beautiful!

    Most of all, meeting you and reading about you has inspired me…..I’m going to put some more time into my “creative” side and see what happens!

    Hope the barbershop competition in Portland Oregon was wonderful, and you had a good trip home as well.
    Wondering how your Arabic is coming along!!
    Take care, and thanks for writing to me!
    Peggy Thomas,
    Message Therapist
    Fellow Passenger on Southwest July 2, 1012

  18. Enroute from Orlando to Portland Oregon, I was sandwiched between two readers. My husband was at the window seat absorbed in his novel. Not to disturb him or the stranger next to me, I quietly wrote in my Arabic Workbook. (I love to study foreign languages, but this one is my greatest challenge so far!)

    When my cup of water accidentally spilled I needed to apologize and mop up the water. And that is how I met Peggy Thomas whose comment is above. We had a lively discussion about books, family, reading to kids and masssage therapy.

    After reading the comment above, don’t you think that one of Peggy’s creative talents is writing? She could be a journalist.

    Here’s to you Peggy Thomas!
    With Warm Regards,
    Bobbi Mastrangelo

  19. I love your work! I especially love how you use so many mediums, all with the same theme. The Mod Works were my favorite, but I also liked your sculptural grates. Do you find it hard to focus on just one theme, too? There seems to be so much push to do one thing, but an artist’s creative brain has so much to love to do.
    Erika McGinnis

  20. Bobbi,

    My daughter sent me the link to your art web site. Don’t know how she saw it. She’s living in Virginia.

    Anyway, it was so much fun seeing your work again after all these years. I still love the picture you gave Don and me of the St. James Episcopal Church Doors in St. James, NY. It’s on the wall!

    Hope you and yours are well.
    With love,
    Priscilla Webster

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