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 and “President Hunters” by Friedrich O. Georg

(A book with campaign reform ideas)


We’re tired of……

Mudslinging campaigns

And Politicians’ Forays

That Submerge us in

Post- election grays.


Here’s a political philosophy

to brighten your days.


President Hunters by Friedrich O. Georg

President Hunters by Friedrich O Georg was the book chosen by Tom Gallagher for our Discussion on Thursday November 4, 2010 at the Palms in Solivita ( our adult community). 

Mr. Gallagher recapped the book’s plot beginning with the end of WWII through post 9/11.  A network of spy rings from Germany, Russia and Iraq  targeted US Presidents for assassination or ruin,  including the recently elected independent candidate, Jonathan Moore, who truly believed in govenment “by the people, of the people and for the people.” 

 What impressed me most were Moore’s economic reforms and his sane campaign policies. I thought to my self: “This writer is brilliant. I would like to meet him someday and discuss his political philosophy.”  Where upon Tom Gallagher announced that the author, a resident of Solivita was in the audience.  Wow!  In Solivita he is known as Ossie Mechsner.

Mr. Mechsner autographed my copy of President Hunters with “May you never lose interest in Jonathan Moore and his ideas.”


Bobbi Mastrangelo and Ossie Mechsner (Friedrich O. Georg)

 On page 312 of  President Hunters, Jonathan Moore states his unconventional campaign strategy:

1. ” I do not do fundraisers nor accept donations.

2. I will pay all my own expenses for all campaign appearances.

3. I will not direct my campaign against any of my competitors, but stick to my agenda.

4. I will not run commercials during my campaign, but the weekend before the election, present a summary of my agenda to the American people.”

We could avoid Post Election Grays if we, the American People  demanded # 3 and #4.  What is your opinion?

4 replies on “POST ELECTION GRAYS”

Hi Bobbi,
I love the President Hunter’s –
we need more people like him in this world and
in politics!
Your friend and dress designer

Dear Bobbi;
This is so kind of you. You may not believe it,
but to me having one person truly like one’s
work is a most rewarding experience.
Ossie Mechsner (Friedrich O. Georg)

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