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Grandson Drew’s Flag for Veterans’ Day 2010

Veterans Day 2010

Remember our Vets

Honor Our Military

Our grandson, Drew enthusiastically painted his version of The American Flag when he was only seven.  Will he maintain his patriotism as an adult?  How will he view the election campaigns as an adult?

Drew at Bat


“Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball!”  ~~~~ Jacques Barzun (French-born historian) 1954

26 replies on “Grandson Drew’s Flag for Veterans’ Day 2010”

I always enjoy reading your blog posts! You continue to be an inspiration. I wanted to respond to this one as a “fellow Grandma”–now I understand the JOY of that role–completely!! Asher will be one year old in December.
Your grandchildren are blessed to experience the gifts of creativity and joy that you have imparted to them!
Mary Ann

looks like he has the creative streak in his blood…just like his grandma..
I like seeing the flag through Drew’s eyes.
Susan Raff
From our “Novel Group” Book Club

Hi Bobbi & Al!
Thanks for the wonderful salute by your adorable grandson!

Last year on Veteran’s Day Hal honored the veterans at the
Northport VA with a harmonica sing-along.

Your grandson, young as he is, shows talent and sensitivity!
Stay wonderful, love, Sandy

HI Bobbi!,
What a beautiful Grandson- he is too adorable and following in his Grandmother’s footsteps!
Love him!
Your friend and Dress Designer,
11/11/2010 8:39:52 A.M

You are remarkable! The blog was so unique.
And Drew, what a cutie pie – he looks like the
proverbial all American boy.
I hope to meet his Mom, Anne, and family one day
and all of your family.
Your Snow-Bird Neighbor

Hi Bobbi,
I’ve done a small American flag series from paper. Your grandson’s drawing is very sweet. Is it difficult to maintain the Blog?

PPS> As you see, I like to ask questions. LOL>
Judy Orlando

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