Petite Papers for Hawaian Art Exhibit

Recently I created three petite works on hand made paper
to be exhibited during the FDH Paper Makers Conference
October 23 – 26, 2008


Featured above is “BUFFALO WATER” based on an eight inch diameter water valve cover. The original cover was cast by a Buffalo Foundary, but believe it ot not, I spotted the cover on a sidewalk in St. James, Long Island, New York (USA).
Some natural wasp paper is imbedded in the 4″ x 6″ art work.

“High Pressure Fire System”

HPFS is based on the image of a valve cover located near a fire hydrant.
A friend suggested removing the leaves at the edge of the cover. Personally, I like to see a bit of green growing next to an urban cover.
Viewers, What is your opinion? Leaves or no leaves next to the water cover? Explain your choice. Add your comment below or
send it to


Water Protection is a very important topic to me, to all of us in fact. Harmful waste products that wash down our grates and drains can affect the purity of our water supply.


Flickr: DardHunterBlog’s Photostream

26 thoughts on “Petite Papers for Hawaian Art Exhibit

  1. Bobbi,
    I really enjoy the leaves in the piece.
    I enjoy the contrast between the
    “masculine hard edge man-hole”
    and the fluid, organic intersection
    of the feminine mother-nature.

    I like the way they tease out of the
    edge of the form and start to “grow and reach”
    towards their own environment away from the
    hard edges of the industrial space.
    So that would be my honest opinion about that work.

    Take good care,
    Portico Bowman in Hawaii

  2. Hello Bobbi,

    The pieces have arrived and they are not a disappointment.
    In my many years working as a gallery director often the advance
    pictures are better than the actual pieces.
    Not in this case! I realize this exhibit has specific size restrictions,
    and I’m not sure your usual size of working, but as they are,
    these are strong works in a small package!

    Thank you also for the packaging, titles and
    very professional presentation.
    More to follow as the exhibit progresses
    during the weekend of the conference..

    Portico Bowman, Curator
    Friends of Dard Hunter Conference
    Kona, Hawaii

  3. Hi Bobbi,
    Thank you for sending your Art News.
    I am still loving your work.

    Since you asked, I will give you my opinion on the leaves.
    This, of course, is only my opinion as I am sure others will disagree,
    but I find them a bit distracting. The reason is the color
    seems brighter than the cool greens in the back
    which brings them to the forefront of attention.
    Hope that makes sense.
    I would either crop them to the edge of the bottom of
    the paper or
    (my first choice) would be to make them more brown,
    muted and dead looking so the eye does not go there first.
    Hope you were sincere when you asked!!!

    Cya later.
    Peggy, Your Artist friend from Solivita

  4. Bobbi:

    Keep the leaves.
    I am with my daughter in
    Germany (who loves your work).
    We think the leaves add to
    the artistic value of the work.

    Helen Tuman
    Fellow artist in
    Solivita’s Artisan Guild

  5. Dear Bobbi,
    Thanks for sharing your latest works.
    I totally agree with Peggy Allen’s blog
    comment regarding High Pressure Fire System.
    The bright color of the leaves detract
    for the main focus of the work.
    I would like it better without leaves or
    a more muted color in the leaves.
    I love your great Gratework.
    Your Brother,

  6. Hi Bobbi,
    I like the leaves on the HPFS;
    I think it looks like they were trapped in the
    cover when they fell down from the trees..
    Sheila Anderson,
    Novel Group (book buddy)
    At Solivita

  7. BOBBI,



  8. Bobbi,

    I think your piece, HPFS,
    looks just right with the leaves.
    They seem to ground it, and they add interest.

    Good luck with your art.

    Carol Brody
    Fellow Member of NAWA FL
    National Assoc. of Women Artists

  9. Bobbi,
    Thanks for the input opportunity. All of the three are attractive and interesting to me- in composition, texture and color. I can’t see the High Pressure Fire System looking complete without the leaves; they help balance the composition and add interest. Nevertheless, the bottom line is: unless you’re in it to sell to mass media, don’t make your decisions by majority but rather by the individual that counts the most…you! I recently entered a drawing that I did the morning of submission. It was very minimal and “cutting edge” for me. I was excited about it, but showed it to my wife for her opinion. She was “unmoved.” I submitted it anyway…and got second prize and monetary award. Look at your work again and trust your own instincts as the creator.

  10. Bobbie,

    Redarding all your entries, they’re great.
    I think the HPFS would be better w/o the leaves – leaving the viewer with the thought that it’s ready any time of the year, whether the leaves are falling or not. I guess that’s my practical, non-artistic side talking.


  11. Dear Bobbi,
    In answer to your query
    about the leaves or no leaves,
    I vote for leaving the leaves. As in many photographs,
    the added element of framing often brings the ordinary
    photograph into the extraordinary.
    I think the leaves definitely enhance
    the image because of their color and shape.

    Well, you have one woman’s opinion, and I LOVE to give my opinion.
    Lots of love,

  12. Bobbi,

    Beautiful Works!!

    My opinion should not weigh heavily, but for what it’s worth,
    I feel the leaves are a distraction to your realistic grate rubbing.
    Your eyes go immediately to the leaves instead of to your work of art.

    Good luck in all your enterprises!

    Your Cousin,

  13. Bobbi,

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your former neighbor from Pt Jeff NY,
    Angie Sawyer
    A Certified Domestic Engineer

  14. Bobbi:

    These look grate.
    I like the leaves, sort of a natural feel.

    Vic Bonneville
    Attleboro (MA) Industrial Art Museum

  15. Hi Bobbi,
    I agree with Sheila Anderson. The leaves add
    something special to the HPFS, and I like it very much.
    Good luck with your exhibit in Hawaii.
    Sheila Sharfarz

  16. Dear Bobbi,
    Amazing work. I love your art.
    My opinions about the leaves is more
    toward not putting them in.
    Much love,
    Roberta Fabian
    Fellow Artist

  17. Dear Bobbi,
    I Love the leaves on the High Pressure Fire System.
    It adds a very nice balance and reality. Green!!!!!!
    Be well and best wishes.
    With Love,
    Tia Skura,
    Your Former Fashion Designer

  18. Dear Bobbi,
    How cool is that, petite cool.
    Love the comment and comments.
    Such a beautiful array of people and thoughts.

    It’s the people that stand out and wonderful to
    have such interaction. It brings everyone together.

    Pease send some warm weather and sunshine this
    way and keep it coming.

    Be well, onward, upward in a petite fashion!!!!!!!
    With Love,
    Tia Skura

  19. Bobbi
    Could you e-mail me the web address of the postcard info?
    Judy Shapiro Artisan Guild Member
    PS I like the leaves.

  20. Hi Bobbi,
    With regards to your question:
    Would it look better with out the leaves?
    or do the leaves enhance the art?
    I believe the leaves enhance it.
    It gives it dimension, life and movement.
    I think without it, it will look a little cold.

    Jackeline Gabuardi

  21. Hi Bobbi,
    Always love your work and enjoy the piece in the PJ Library
    when I visit with my grand-daughter, Lily, each week.
    About the leaves- from a very practical standpoint and after
    raking piles of leaves recently, I want to bag them!!!
    Not having a strong background in Art, I need to rely on my comfort level and the leaves seem to draw me away from your wonderful work.

  22. Hi Bobbi,
    I am beginning to feel like I know you! Your expressions in your work really shine through. Passions for the environment and humanity are what I see when I see your art… Keep Moving Forward!

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