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Hazardous Waste Site

Bobbi Creating “Hazardous Waste Site”

One of my most unique challenges was creating a “Hazardous Waste Site” visually warning viewers to protect our water supply. The “Outdoor Sculpture Now” exhibition on the grounds of The Islip Museum provided the perfect installation spot. I knew I could use the water supply cover from my ** Save Water * * sculpture, but there were many more items to create or procure.

Barrel and "Chemical Spill"

Barrel and
“Chemical Spill

I did some creative sawing from a heavy duty 55-gallon vinyl drum. It was textured with watered-down gluey cement and then painted and sprinkled with rust dust. Expanding foam was squirted on a foam sheet insert. After it was sprayed a “putrid” green, I poked holes into the murky surface. The original beige color oozed up through the holes. A sprinkling of fine dirt and sawdust followed. My “hazardous chemical spill” looked official.

"Simulated Medical Waste"

Medical Waste

Simulated medical waste had been done for the assemblage “People Start/StopPollution.” My mix of catsup and port wine simulated blood in the syringes and gauze bandages. A little toy mouse would be added to the scene. Arrangements had been made for the Town of Islip to deliver a load of dirt for installation day. Long Island Lighting Company (called LILCO in 1989) donated posts and caution tape for the project.

Retro Sunburst Clock

Retro Sunburst Clock

Recently I saw a film with Picasso and company at the town dumps in France. There the maestro gleaned many fascinating objects for his found sculptures. That scene made me recall my own trip to the town dumps, hoping to find objects to relate to my installation. Donned in long gloves and high boots, I combed the territory.The tire and a dead end sign fit the bill. Then I spotted an old sunburst clock, a popular 1960’s item. Hmm, I thought..Yes a clock meant time. “Time to clean up our waters!”


Dead End

Dead End

 “Installation Day” was exciting for me though it seem like a bizarre event to my husband, Al who had agreed to help. His wife was a former elementary school teacher and now she was simulating hazardous waste. “Let’s get this job done and overwith,” he uttered as he drove all the posts into a circular perimeter and strung the caution tape. Meanwhile I set all the installation objects into the load of dirt. The Dead End sign was the last object to place. Just perfect, I thought. Not protecting our waters could lead to a “DEAD END!”



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Hazardous Waste Site

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12 replies on “Hazardous Waste Site”


You continue to amaze me with your unique events.
Very interesting concept–visual aids always work!
Your cousin,

This morning I did go back and visit your blog entries and read the one about your displays on pollution. That was well done. It made me think. Most people don’t like to be reminded of what negative actions are doing to our planet. Awareness is definitely important. The general population doesn’t seem to care but I feel it’s simply because they are not aware.

Have you ever heard of Dr. Emoto? He has an interesting theory on water.
Here is the link to check him out. I thought you might find him interesting. I don’t know how credible he is but what he says is very intriguing. (The fact that water is a living organism… and how we impact its molecular structure with negative or positive energy)

I plan to visit your site later today. I have a few meetings this morning but looking forward to reading your message.
Sherry Wilsher

Wow! What an amazing message!

I am impressed with your obvious life’s mission. Raising awareness levels all over the world is something I strongly admire!
Keep it up! Our world is even more beautiful because of people like you.

Very interesting. It’s so nice that you have the time
and energy to continue your Art Life. It makes living
a far richer experience, and expressing yoiurself is a
great outlet.
I’m passing it on to my daughter, Anna who works at
the Orange County Museum of Art in Newport, CA.
Your Maryvale H. S. Classmate,
Mary Ann Haring Sanchez

Bobbi Mastrangelo

Thank you for your thoughtful note and for allowing me to view your work. Where water and waste originate, are transported and are finally dumped are critical questions that many do not think about, though they should. Your work puts a spotlight on the issues.
Calvino wrote a wondrous book about this- Invisible Cities. I hope you are able to visit Carriage House Paper in Brooklyn. They just opened a museum on the history of papermaking this December. They have a wonderful facility, classes and supplies for papermakers.

Joseph Ingoldsby

Once again, you score big with your special reserves of creative imagination and getting-the-job-done-iveness.

Petroleum, natural gas, and other resources may be in big trouble, but the world hasn’t reached Peak Mastrangelo yet, and we should all be grateful.

Keep it up, Bobbi.

Earl Babbie
Author: “You Can Make a Difference”

Bobbi, your continued focus and powerful message inspires me to keep following my heart and my life’s mission!!! Keep Moving Forward… It’s working.

Dear Bobbie,
Your art is so important at raising people’s awareness on just how very serious the problems are. Hazadorous Waste Site is appropriately stated and only wish people’s minds had the ability to encompass the enormity of the situatuion. Grate works is so real!
Grate Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best Wishes, With Love,

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