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#Mastrangelo’s Environmental Art #Earth Care: Part One (Earth Day is Every Day).

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Art and Community Involvement focus on Caring for Our Planet Earth. This is the First Blog in a three part series on EARTH CARE. “When the People Care” Why would anyone want to incorporate litter into an art work? When Bobbi Mastrangelo began her manhole cover art theme, she used to sweep the litter […]

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#CLEAN Story (Poem) by Bobbi Mastrangelo # Earth Care: Part Three

C.L.E.A.N. (A poetic story of a grass roots Environmental Organization) by  Bobbi Mastrangelo The litter grew by leaps and bounds No one cared to keep the grounds, Something must be done: just look around, So a group came together, from all over town. Each person adopted just one spot. Raked and cleaned a littered lot, […]

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Mastrangelo’s Environmental Art Education-Earth Care: Part Four (Earth Day is Every Day)

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s class room teaching experience influenced the way she shared and explained her art and activities.  As a Title One Tutor and Writing Teacher at Smithtown Elementary School, not only did she educate students about her art, but she often wrote on the same topic assigned to them and enabled them to comment on […]