8 thoughts on “#Mastrangelo’s Environmental Action #Earth Care: Part Two (Earth Day is Every Day).

  1. Dear Bobbi: I hope to engage my community, as you did in St. James and Smith-Town. I will PIN your Article to facebook . Thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. Dear Bobbi:
    You sent me this message, and I was working on a sign for my street: LOVE THE EARTH!!! KEEP IT CLEAN!!! EARTH DAY IS FOREVER!!!!
    I know You have been involved with C>L>E>A>N> and other environmental causes, constructions and messages. The rubbings of manhole covers, created by you and the children are wonderful.
    Life is a circle, it is a wheel, it is a FLOW!!! Glad to hear from you and that you are sending forth your message.

    We are “Up-State” Sisters, linked forever by “New Art in New York”. Thank you for sending this to us, Best to you and Al. Helene and Bill

    W.And H. Leonardi & Co.

  3. Dear Helene Leonardi,
    I was so inspired by your creation of a sign for your street: LOVE THE EARTH!!! KEEP IT CLEAN!!! EARTH DAY IS FOREVER!!!!

    that I copied your message and added it to the comment section after my next two articles: The Clean Story Poem http://bobbimastrangelo.com/MyNews/?p=5020 and…

    Environmental Art Education: http://bobbimastrangelo.com/MyNews/?p=5051
    I am proud to know you and I will be glad to share ideas with you.
    You will inspire others to beautify their environments.

  4. Earth Day was a good day for us to remember how much you accomplished by establishing “CLEAN!”
    I commend you for all your efforts!
    Stay well.
    Dorothy Moloney

  5. Thanks Bobbi for all the good and beautiful work you do. Litter is extremely annoying to me, too, particularly cigarette butts. I volunteer in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park and would you believe? Even there by the garden where I pull weeds for a couple of hours a week, cigarette butts are carelessly thrown. I’m strong on recycling of anything possible, too.
    Keep up your good work!
    Nelda Harris
    NPCW Pen Pal

  6. My name is Mary Agnes, I work for a program called Safe Kids USA. We work with children on a variety of ways to be safer, healthier, and have a better impact on our environment. I have been recently been having sessions about recycling and reducing waste around our houses and classrooms, and your page http://bobbimastrangelo.com/links.php was very helpful for me.

    I came across an interesting article while i was doing some research on recycling, about recycling electronics and computers, http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Global-Promotions/Recycling-Electronics/pcmcat149900050025.c?id=pcmcat149900050025 . I was unaware that Bestbuy offered that and thought it would be helpful for you to add to your page so it maybe could help other people dispose of those items properly.

    Thanks again for the helpful resources! They definitely will be a big help during this session on recycling, and I think the kids will definitely benefit. If you add the article, I’d love to show them how we can all do our part to spread the word about recycling and being responsible to our planet! Have a great day!

    Best Wishes,

    Mary Agnes

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