The Story of The Irish Blessing Sculpture

“Irish Blessing”
(Ballinasloe Water Cover)

21 ” x 15″ X 25″

My young friend, Helen Anne Gately, gave me reference material on The Ballinasloe Water Valve Cover located on a sidewalk near her Father’s hometown in Ireland.  Not only did it feature a handsome Celtic Pattern, but it also had the Gaelic Word for Water,“Uisce.”

Wear’ in of the Green and Irish Customs have always been special to me, and the beautiful cover inspired me to create a related sculpture.  Capturing and executing the intricate design was a challenge.  The chalky rubbing was smudged, so I had to refer to Celtic Design Books to recreate the pattern maze.  Glue and sand reinforced the delicate thin walls of the sculptured relief cover.

Celtic Water Valve Cover

The piece had already been named “Irish Blessing” and was supposed to be hung the next day at The Neighborhood House in Setauket, NY.  I worked on it till the wee hours of the morning.  As I entered the bedroom, the dimmer light went on, paused and went off.  Now mind you—I never touched the switch.  You see, the sculpture, “Irish Blessing” is somehow vested with mysterious powers.  And if you should happen to touch it, you also will have Special Blessings.

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