28th National Post Card Week May 2011

Ford Water Meter Box 2011 PC

National Post Card Week is celebrated during the first full week of May.

One hundred or more aficionados participate in this exchange.  Deltiologist is another name for a post card enthusiast.  Many of the participants have chosen themes such as famous people, pets, historic places, holidays, worthy causes and humorous situations. Speaking of humor, one post card pen pal sends out cartoons of out houses seen on her travels.

My NPCW issues since 1992 can be viewed on my website.

 https://bobbimastrangelo.com/postcards.php   From this page one can link to information about the NPCW Directory,  the history and photo post cards of NPCW, and where to purchase my post cards.

May 1-7, 2011 is also  National Drinking Water Week.

How fitting is my post card theme for this year for Water Week. The shot of Ford Meter Box Cover was actually taken on a street in the hamlet of St. James, NY on Long Island. The negative was developed in a dark room during an Adult Education Class I took in Photography. Digital photography is so much easier to manipulate now, but I am glad that I saved my one piece of artful black and white photography.

“The United States has one of the safest public drinking water supplies in the world.  Tap water not only provides water for daily activities such as drinking, bathing, and cooking, but it also benefits the entire community by providing water to serve businesses, schools, and hospitals, and to promote dental health.

 National Drinking Water Week is  an annual observance whose theme “Only Tap Water Delivers” underscores the many services provided by public drinking water systems in the United States .”  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Announcement: National Drinking Water Week — May 2–8, 2010

27 thoughts on “28th National Post Card Week May 2011

  1. Hi Bobbi,

    Thanks for the post cards and updates. Glad your work is on exhibit.

    Best wishes,
    Mimi Melnick
    Author of “Manhole Covers”

  2. Bobbi, thanks for honoring Ford Meter Box with your talents. Without objection I would like to run a story in our company paper showing your wonderful card and explaining to our employees about NPCW. Well done!! Thanks!
    Charlie Chapman,
    Ford Meter Box Co.

  3. Hi Bobbi
    Thank you so much for your 2 NPCW 2011 Post Cards.
    Your cards truly are works of art.
    Your Lonesome Dove Friend,
    Barbara Turnbull
    Post Card Pen Pal

  4. Hi Bobbi,
    I really enjoy your manhole cover and water cover post cards.
    What a Great Idea!
    Fran Stains
    NPCW Pen Pal
    San Antonio TX

  5. Hi Bobbi,
    I really enjoy your post cards and your theme.
    What a great Idea!
    Fran Stains,
    NPCW Pen Pal

  6. Hi Bobbi,
    Wonderful Post card!
    Keep on with all your creative
    Sandy Wicker

  7. Since Edwin Ford patented his water meter box in 1899, we have created more than 50 different meter lid patterns in 300 variations. You will see a request below for a few items I think you may enjoy. Please enjoy these posters and book and if I can help you in any way please let me know.

    Amanda, please send Bobbi a couple of our meter lid posters and a “new heights” poster. Also send along one of our history books and one of our anniversary cover/lid.

    Thanks! Charles Chapman
    Advertising Manager

    Ford Meter Box
    775 Manchester Ave.
    PO Box 443
    Wabash, IN 46992-0433

  8. Always look forward to you cards. They were received in fine order.
    Happy National POSTCARD Week
    Susan Lane
    for the Taconic Postcard Club

  9. Bobbi,
    It was nice to see your name on the email list. I don’t spend much time on the email anymore, I get too many and can never finish reading them. Most are fwds,

    I am glad you both seem to be enjoying your retirement to Florida.
    I am happy for you both. I hope you have a pleasant spring down there and enjoy Easter when it comes.

    I think of you and your very creative artwork often.
    What a collection of post cards you have created. Enjoy.
    Fr. Joe Girzone
    Author of the “Joshua” Series

  10. Got your 2011 NPCW card.
    Another interesting card of yours to add to my collection.
    Eileen Goldschmidt NPCW Trader

  11. Hi Bobbi,
    I always look forward to your great grate cards. I thought of you when I saw the news articles I have enclosed.
    “Sewer Grates Swiped” and “Grates: Uncovered Holes a Safety Problem.” Sad State of Affairs.
    Sharon A.Damkaer
    NPCW Pen Pal

  12. Hi Bobbi from your post card compadre in Arizona,
    Thanks for the post cards.
    I bet your artistic pursuits have opened a lot of doors/opportunities.
    Enjoy life and have a great summer.
    Jean M Lewis

  13. I just love the cards you have done over the years Bobbi!
    Your grate works are realy GREAT!
    I always look forward to seeing what you will come up with for NPCW every year, And I hope you feel the same with me too.
    My lighthouse cards are so well recieved by NPCW collectors and LH lovers
    all over the states.

  14. Hi Bobbi:
    Thanks for keeping in touch. I love to see what past PACE (Postcard Art Competition & Exhibition) artists are up to. Why don’t you enter this time? Check it out at http://www.lcfpd.org/pace. The deadline is July 11th. pace email: pace@lcfpd.org

    Debra Gust
    Image and Licensing Specialist
    Curt Teich Postcard Archives
    Lake County Discovery Museum
    27277 Forest Preserve Road
    Wauconda, IL 60084
    phone 847-968-3381

  15. Hi Bobbi,
    Thank you for your grate NPCW card! I didn’t make a NPCW Card, but I have all your “grate” cards in an album.
    Grace Marton
    in California

  16. Bobbi,
    Congratulations on your exhibits. I love your work ad always look forward to your post cards.
    Marjorie Lamprecht
    Vintage Views for Ohio

  17. Dear Bobbi,
    Your NPCW Card was impressive as usual and I appreciate you sending me one. I tell myself I’ll make a card–have ideas for designs, but never get there. So I think you are wonderful to do them so beautifully like you do. They are real works of art.

    Would love to have gone to your exhbit in Kissimmee or see the exhibit at The Butler in Ohio this summer.
    Sending a token of thanks and much love.
    You are inspiring.
    Penny Blanchette from TX

  18. Hello Bobbi,
    Thanks for your NPCW Card and the notice of your piece at The Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown Ohio. I passed on the notice to a friend who lives there.
    It is only an hour from me, so I will try to go too.
    Take Care.
    Enjoy the Summer!
    Christina Getrost

  19. Dear Bobbi,
    I love the assortment of fifty post cards I purchased from you.
    I will keep some and send some to special people. Your business card makes a lovely book mark.
    Hal loves the Art Carney Post card you penned to him.
    Thank you.
    Rosalie and Hal Placet

  20. Bobbi, it’s been so much fun getting to know you and exchanging our shared enthusiasm for manhole overs. Thanks for sharing this link to your work with the Water Meter! Love it. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Mimi Melnick was your first comment. RIP. XO
    Michelle Ward Author of the blog “October Manhole Madness” in 2016

  21. Hi Bobbi,
    Thanks for the link on October Manhole Madness
    I hope things are going well.
    FYI – the reason Puerto Rico does not blow away in a hurricane is
    because of all the Ford Meter Boxes holding the island down.
    A little meter box humor☺


  22. Dear Michelle,

    I sure do miss Mimi Melnick. We were Pen Pals for over 20 years.
    I also miss Father Joe Girzone who wrote all of those inspirational Joshua Books.

    Did you note the comments above from Charles Chapman at Ford Meter Box?

    “Grate wishes” for more Great Stories on your blog for October Manhole Madness.”
    Bobbi Mastrangelo

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