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The Marvels of Manhole Covers

The Marvels of Manhole Covers  (A Guest Contribution) Stacked Manhole Covers at Briscover Factory  in Changsha China Sewer Covers are metal or concrete plates that cover the manholes. These days, they tend to be made from a combination of concrete and cast iron in order for them to be affordable yet sturdy. They are normally circular […]

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Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “FDOT (Do Not Pollute)” Nov. 21- Dec. 13, 2013 at CityArts Factory Exhibit in Orlando

Bobbi Mastrangelo is a member of Their juried exhibition will be on display at CityArts Factory in Orlando Florida. is a community of Visual Artists and Performing Arts Organizations connecting artists, museums and arts organizations and placing members’ artworks before the eyes of thousands of art collectors. The Sculpture Creation: Storm Cover layout   […]


Bobbi Mastrangelo Featured Artist on Trashmanian Devil (Anti-Litter Site)

Searching one’s name on the internet often yields surprises, like finding myself as a featured artist on The Trashmanian Devil Web Site.  Truthfully, I am delighted to discover others who are passionate about pride in our environment. I captured a  few sentences of what he wrote about me: “Bobbi Mastrangelo is best known for her great grates–a […]

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