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The Marvels of Manhole Covers

The Marvels of Manhole Covers  (A Guest Contribution) Stacked Manhole Covers at Briscover Factory  in Changsha China Sewer Covers are metal or concrete plates that cover the manholes. These days, they tend to be made from a combination of concrete and cast iron in order for them to be affordable yet sturdy. They are normally circular […]

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Ode to Karl Shapiro for National Poetry Month

 Why did I write an Ode to Karl Shapiro? Here is the answer in my Daughter Anne Marie’s own words reflecting on her elementary school days: “Karl Shapiro’s poem, ‘Manhole Covers’ was printed in my Fifth Grade English Textbook.  I remember seeing it and thinking: Wow, someone else looks at sewers too, not just my […]