Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Mandala Response to Oliwia Gajda

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Mandala Response to Oliwia Gajda Oliwia Gajda, a student at Jan Kochanowski’s University in Kielce, Poland is finishing her 5th year of Fine Art. She is writing her master’s thesis on the mandala. She contacted contemporary artists who create mandalas and asked for permission to use the information provided by them in her work.  She asked us to select seven […]

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Bobbi Mastrangelo’s art highlighted in “How to Present Your Art with Impact”

Carolyn Edlund  included a bit about my art in her article “How to Present Your Art with Impact.” She gives  fantastic advice to help advance an art career.  There are many practical suggestions for portfolio presentations and marketing  art.  If you have a great presentation on your website, Carolyn Edlund would appreciate your comments and  your website link at I would like to share the […]

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Why Manhole Covers? (instead of portraits or landscapes?)

The question most people ask is “Why did you ever pick such a ridiculous theme?”  Some people even shake their heads when they think about the mundane iron covers we all walk over. Well it all began when I was a Mom going back to college to study art. I experimented in every style and […]