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What Makes Us Smile? (Kids’ Drawings and the Kids Themselves)


Our grandson Drew made this pencil drawing during our visit in the 2011 Christmas Vacation. Don’t you just adore kid’s drawings!  They make me smile.  And if you knew Drew you would continue to smile.  So dear viewers, let’s start the New Year in the Happiness Mode.

Here are links to previous drawings by our grandkids:

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Drew has a zest for life and is engaged in many worthwhile activities: Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Ceremony Below.

 In Sparring Gear       Drew’s  Journey

Drew’s Dad Wrote:  “Drew  was the youngest person to test for The BlackBelt, having just turned 9 in November 2011. On the left he is in his sparring gear, as they warmed up for sparring. He had to spar 2 opponents at once for 2 minutes. That’s longer than it sounds. And each candidate wrote an essay about their “journey” from beginning , to earning their belt, and 4 candidates were selected to read theirs – Drew was selected. He did a great job reading it, and he’s a total ham with a mic in his hand.”


3 replies on “What Makes Us Smile? (Kids’ Drawings and the Kids Themselves)”

Tuck the ears back a bit, and add wiskers and Drews pict looks like my cat (Leo)

Guess I need to get to NC and FL more often 🙂

-Peter (Uncle Pete)

Sorry my message didn’t finish loading…
Sooooo well I love your picture!!!
From the most awesome Fabulos cool
Person you know,
Sophia (your cousin)

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