One thought on “For a Bright, Healthy and Joyful 2012!

  1. Hi Bobbi,
    Happy New Year!
    It was “GRATE” to hear from you. I love your woven pieces.
    Were they done on a loom?
    It seems like you keep very busy.
    For the past four years I’ve been making and selling jewelry. It started out as a hobby and people would ask me where I got my jewelry and by word of mouth I started my own little business. I’ve slowed down a bit but hope to pick it up again in the summer.

    I’m teaching art at the middle school now and I LOVE IT!!!!! I’ve been at Accompsett Middle School for 7 years and I have 4 more to go until I retire.
    I still use the artist books you gave me. It was nice hearing
    about all the wonderful things you are doing.
    Keep in touch.

    Eileen Pereca, Art Teacher
    Former Colleague

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