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Mastrangelo’s “John E. Potente” Collagraph at The Heckscher Museum of Art

The Heckscher Museum

Huntington (Long Island) in New York  USA   

The Heckscher Museum of Art regularly organizes installations highlighting works from their Permanent Collection.  Their most recent exhibition, in the far south gallery, is entitled “A WAY WITH WORDS: TEXT IN ART” curated by Lisa Chalif.  Included is Bobbi Mastrangelo’s collagraph print on hand made paper.             

“John E. Potente and Sons”

At the Heckscher Museum of Art through April 5, 2012

2 Prime Avenue

Huntington, NY 11743 – 7702

Telephone 1 (631) 351 – 3250

6 replies on “Mastrangelo’s “John E. Potente” Collagraph at The Heckscher Museum of Art”

Hey, Bobbi,
Look what we saw yesterday hanging at the Hecksher Museum in Huntington!
We’re proud of you!
Larry and Yvette Hohler

Hi Bobbi!

I haven’t been to Hecksher Museum in a while now. I will go to see your John E. Potente work this week. Your web site is always fun to read as it keeps me ‘up’ on your happenings!!!

Marilyn Abt

Hi Bobbi!
What fun you must receive when you come upon these sites which include you works!!!!
I am amazed at the vast amount of information one can find on the internet!

I see many new pieces on your own website as I look from time to time. You have a professional looking site that is interesting to me.

I see that your work is in the Huntington museum so when in that area again, I will go to see it!!!!

Where you find all of the designs that you incorporate in your pieces, I do not know but it is all very interesting. My hope is that you sell,sell,sell!!!!

We are having a wonderfully mild winter so far. I hope that we are not in for a wild winter storm here. Several people have gone to Fla. for the winter who really could have

stayed home for the warmth that we have had here.! It seem that more than usual have left here this year.

We are well and enjoying it all!!!!! Princess Tree is the same!!!

Good to hear from you!


Der Bobbi,
Marilyn and I visited an art museum in Huntington a few weeks ago, and thanks to Marilyn’s good sense of recall, we found a Bobbi Mastrangelo work being shown.

After a while a docent noticed us searching and he kindly showed us your piece of a water main cover with the name “Potente”. We believe that was from Hicksville. Right?

The docent seemed pleased that we knew you and was interested in hearing about you. We had a good time that day.

Best wishes to you and please remember me to Al.

Dave Abt

Hey Bobbi!
Long time no see. It’s funny, my wife and I went to a Nassau County Museum a few months ago (I forget the name, but I believe it was in Huntington).
As we were perusing the artwork in the gallery, I noticed a manhole cover on the other side of the room and I said to my wife Linda, I know that artist! Sure enough, it was you.
John Howe
Former Smithtown Math Teacher

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