Bobbi Mastrangelo


This website was designed especially fo you to consider my art for EXHIBITION and  ACQUISITION. 

My art theme is based on manhole covers, water covers, grates and drains, called “Grate Works of Art.” This art has historical significance, because it is a visual documentation of our Urban Landscapes. 

Every year manhole covers are replaced, often with bland patterns stamped as foreign imports. Due to environmental regulations, many USA Foundaries could not compete with foreign imports. Some of my sculptures and prints have recorded the original streetscapes.

My collective artworks venerate the multitude of Utility Covers adorning our City Streets. These covers protect a host of valuable resources and are basically overlooked by the common man. They  are not overlooked by the Municipal workers who must maintain them.  So my art, in Essence, venerates the Cover Casretakers.

 Collecting and exhibiting the ”Grate Works of Art” attracts a whole new viewing audience:including  the “Cover Catakers.”

Just view my gallery to see exhibition possibilities

There are additional works available in all sizes from prints on hand made paper to miniature rotating sculptures. A studio visit can easily be arranged.  (Plus I am not too far from Disney World).

Contact me by email: or Iphone: 1-407-910-7357

Website is under construction currently, please revisit soon. Thanks, Bobbi