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Mastrangelo’s Very First TV Interview

Inside Newsday by Karen Hasby  May 1983

Newsday is the leading news source of the borough of Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties of Long Island New York. The  thought of an interview at their Big Office in Melville was intimidating. Paula Shengold, the sponsor of  my very first art exhibit at  Gallery 333, gave me some terrific advice. “Enjoy this experience. Have fun!”

Karen Hasby did the pre-interview while applying her make-up. Her casual approach put me at ease.  It was actually thrilling to discuss my art and have it displayed on TV. Some of the early lithographs and collage works are not even on my web site gallery. “The Sylvan Sage” woodcut from my Classic Period can be viewed on the web interview: Celestopea Times .com

Karen Hasby Interviewing Bobbi which can now be viewed on You Tube.

Bobbi Mastrangelo Beginnings 

▶ Bobbi Mastrangelo Grateworks Beginnings – YouTube

She was fascinated with my move from classical subjects to manhole covers and grates. Ms.Hasby’s off camera comment: “You look more like a PTA President than an artist,” caused me to create a wardrobe of “Manhole Cover Fashions” for special art events. Friends and relatives congratulated me on the TV interview. But the response from our twelve-year daughter, “My Mother the Artist” was the most heart-warming of all.

Here is the Related  Blog Story and Photo of our daughter, Anne Marie when she was twelve.

22 replies on “Mastrangelo’s Very First TV Interview”

Thanks for the updates, Bobbi.
How well your daughter wrote!
I’m sure you’re as proud of her as she is of you.
Glad you’re now a TV star.

Author of “Manhole Covers”

Judie wrote:
“The day of hi-teck, so funny that my sister is “my friend”.. on Face Book.
Your web pages are so impressive, Bobbi, so happy to spread the word of all of your endeavors!!!
Love you, Your Sister,
Judie Pufpaff, Landscape Artist

Great work. I love reading about you and remembering when we were all kids.
I also check out the manhole covers when I travel!!!
Your Cousin, Chris

Hi Bobbi, loved reading about you and seeing all your work. “You have come a long way baby”, as they say. Loved hearing about your children to. I still love the floral print I have of yours, it hangs in my bedroom. Say hi to Al, what’s he doing these days?
Keep up the “Grate” work. I remember some of the sculptures you built when you were here and the work that went into them. I did see one of your Grate works in Dr. Petersons office and I recognized it immediately. Be well, be safe and I’m sure I will hear Grate things about you always. Love,

Hi Bobbi,
I’m so happy that you continue to keep me on your e-mail list. I don’t often respond back, but I’m always so impressed with the way you fill your days, past and present. Brava!!! once again.
So very respectfully yours,

Hi Bobbi

Thanks for this wonderful share…. You should be very proud.
How do you find the woodcutting. (The Sylvan Sage)? Do you enjoy the process? And do you use a press or a barren to get the print?
Judy Orlando
FL Artist

BOBBI !!!!

Your artwork (beyond manhole covers) is proudly displayed in my home and visitors always remark on them. As for manhole covers – you know that I work at the foundry that made many of the covers you’ve been reproducing as art; well, whenever visit the pattern storage area and see all these old designs I often think, “Bobbi can turn that into art.” Instead of looking at the products for what they are, you have me looking at them as art!

All my best,
Dan Lane
Former Foundry Manhole Cover Designer

Hi Bobbi,
Thanks for sharing your TV interview. I enjoyed watching it. I think the story of how you became an artist is inspiring. I forgot (or maybe didn’t realize) that Dan Welden was your teacher and that Dick Mello was your mentor.

I also had forgotten that you were a Buff State alumna. We have much in common.
You mentioned Endicott in your interview. My dearest and closest friend, Orazio Salati, is from Endicott. He now owns a very successful gallery on State Street in Binghamton, NY. Perhaps, you would like to show your “grates” in Binghamton some day.

My wife and I have a cottage in Montrose, Pa., and I now have a studio in Montrose. I have two works that are now on exhibit at the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University, Ithaca.
I wish you continued success and I hope you reach your goal of making a lasting mark in the world.
My regards to your son, Mike.
Mark Shimsky

Thank you so so so much for sending the interview and
your daughter’s words to other Dard Hunter members.
I am moved to tears.

Artmaking and its accompanying stories……
more things to be grateful for this week!

Barbara Hunter
Arlington MA

Congratulations on a great accomplishment. I am very proud of you. It is wonderful to follow your great story.

I have been very busy with a new book, YOU NEVER SEE FAT VAMPIRES, (see Amazon or which is a funny, slightly scary tale of how far a girl is willing to go to stop bullies.
I also won 3rd prize in the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards for my unpublished middle grade novel, WHO KILLED MR. BULK? I’m shopping agents now.

I thank friends like you for inspiring me.
Please give love to Al and your entire family.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Mark & Linda Newhouse

Thank you for always keeping me in the loop of your many accomplishments. The TV interview was simply endearing. You were so composed and articulate, yet with your passion shining through as always.
You have always been an inspiration to me from the day I met you. How long ago that seems to me now.
My partner Jarett is an artist. He is a wonderfully talented painter. I continue to strive to improve my life everyday in any way I can. This year my goal is to get back to my creativity (writing) which has been dormant for too long.
Hope you are happy and well in Florida and that all the family is healthy.
You are always a part of my heart and I’m so glad we have remained friends after all these years. You are one GRATE LADY Bobbi!

Love always,
Helen Anne

Congratulations, Bobbi. Joe and I enjoyed your interview. You look great and your work is amazing. I always remember the copper pieces that hung in your kitchen. They represented the four seasons: a dogwood leaf, an autumn leaf, and I think…a rose and a snowflake. I am not certain of the last two.
Again, congratulations. Give our best to Al.
Jean Daly..Three Village Retiree (Educator)

Hi Bobbi,
Back in 1988 sometime, you were being interviewed on local radio on L.I. and I called into the show from my parents home in Great River to share your strange obsession with utility as art with my fascination with utility poles.
I’m sure you remember. We corresponded and you put me on your mailing list long afterwards.
I have always been meaning to find you on the internet. The last mailing you sent to my parents address informed of your moving to Florida. I had soon after moved to Boston. I wish I could have taken some time to see your work. It is FANTASTIC !! Anyway, I have a lot more exploring to do on your site so I think I will get back to that. I just wanted to send you a message and let you know I hadn’t forgotten about you.
Keep up the good/grate work !!! 🙂

-Doug Winicki
the utility pole guy….

I love your ideas and especially love the paintings- cheers to the wonders of being an artist and all the beauty we find in day to day objects!
I watched your youtube video and loved what you did with the 2D visual of the sewer covers. Very interesting compositions, and I like the rugged look, fitting.
I’ll be going back to Tuscany in a year to gather some drawing/painting studies for reference!!
Take care,
Christina Grace Mastrangelo
Classical Painter & Teacher of Fine Art

Hi Bobbi,
As I remember it, it was a male interviewer during that radio show when I called in. It was probably spring/early summer 1988. I think. Perhaps Stonybrook University Radio Show?

I do take notice of the manhole covers here in Boston. I have
a wonderful old house (1896) and have just finished the attic
with my own bare hands. More forth coming.
I’m so excited to be back in touch with you. I look forward
to seeing pix of the Belgium blocks. I will send some photos
of the interesting manhole covers around the area here for your enjoyment. My 4 yr. old daughter is now pulling me away
so will get back to you later this week.
Lighting Pole Enthusiast

Dear Bobbi,
Today I watched the interviews by K.Hasby and by R.Gomez in “Manhole Cover Fascinate Bobbi Mastrangelo.”
Anyway, I was interested to know your production process.
I wonder how many people in the world have a fascination with Manhole Covers!
I hope The New Year will be another special and prosperous one for you!
Please remember me to Al.
Looking forward to watching your activities on YOU-TUBE from now on.
Masayuki Shiga
志賀 政行

Love the manhole concept and the variety of possibilities in producing art work with that theme. The interviews are quite good also.

I do own a Gallery in downtown Binghamton, NY. We have a very successful First Friday event here. Binghamton is a small city but we have Big Art. Check my website and gallery at :

Best of luck to you.Do you ever come to the Endicott-Binghamton area? I am always looking for unique art to exhibit and yours would fit right in. We have Lots of man holes here, lol.

All my Best, Orazio Salati

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