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Mastrangelo’s Exotic Copper Toolings on Attleboro Art Museum’s Benefit Auction

 The online portion of the 19th Attleboro Arts Museum Benefit Auction will run from October 8, 2010 to November 3, 2010, with the live event taking place on November 6, 2010.
 You are invited to  Browse through over $50,000 of donated original art. You can be a part of this fun-filled fund-raiser from the comfort of your own home or office, even if you can’t attend the live auction in Attleboro, Massachusetts on November 6th.
Asian Water Cover
Asian Water Cover



Nara Japan Cover















You will view many fascinating art forms in all mediums. Often it is a great way to purchase art under market value while helping to support Attleboro Arts Museum’s cultural programs.

All of Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Copper Toolings will soon be on her gallery:



7 replies on “Mastrangelo’s Exotic Copper Toolings on Attleboro Art Museum’s Benefit Auction”

Hi Bobbi,

The Copper Toolings are another inspiring work! They are beautiful and unique. Another ‘Bobbi!!’

Marilyn Abt

Hi Bobbi:

Hope all is well with you and your family. Hard to believe that another auction is upon us! Mim from the Museum has given me your ticket which is much appreciated since I don’t have a conflict on this year’s date. I am so impressed at how you come up with new and exciting designs for manholes! Hope to get at least one of your items. Thanks again.

Vic Bonnville

I love The Asian Cover and hope it brings a good price.
Take care and God bless!
Your High School Classmate,
Mary Ann Haring Sanchez

Hi Bobbi:

Where does the time go? Your two pieces both sold as part of the “Silent Auction” with much interest.
I purchased one and Max Volterra (who has purchased otherpieces of yours) bought the other.

Thanks again. Looking forward to next year.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Vic Bonneville
Attleboro MA

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