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Manhole Contributions Set II

Prague Cover by Diane & Wayne Schoeffel
Santa Fe NM from Mike Aronstein

Delray FL Sewer by Stella White

The myriad of cover designs always amaze me.  And now friends and web viewers from around the world are contributing to my reference. Diane and Wayne Schoeffle, Solivita Friends, took a photo of a cover in Prague from the Czech Republic.  

Mike Aronstein, a post card pen pal for National Post Card Week sent me the Santa Fe Sewer cover image.  Stella White is a colleague in The National Association of Women Artists. The Sewer Cover she sent has a nautical theme, very appropriate for Florida in the USA.  

 La Bocca della Verita 

La Bocca della Verita was contributed by Leon J. Mills of Australia. Here are the details: Rome, Italy (La Bocca della Verita 
(“the mouth of truth”) – circa 1st century – a marble drain cover, 
probably portraying the pagan god Oceanus. It was placed in the portico of a church (S. Maria in Cosmedin) in the 17th century (possibly the oldest surviving manhole cover in the world?))  Mr. Mills explains his passion for manhole covers in a comment on the Set One Covers.
Here is a Collection of Manhole Cover Photos by Leon J. Mills:

2 replies on “Manhole Contributions Set II”

I found a grate manhole cover in Italy but my camera had died on me so I couln’t get it! Oh, well, I was thinking about you 7000 km away!
Ellen Gordon,
Your Book Buddy
from a Novel Group

Jerry Tsu
Technical Sales Manager of FM

Nice to meet you and visit your website.
Really nice art you have created!
I also collect many pictures of manhole covers,
hope these will help for your future work.:)

Have a nice weekend,

Jerry Tsu especially expert in foundry casting parts
Qingdao Friend Machinery Co., Ltd.
Qingdao, Shandong, China

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