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DA GRACIAS POR AGUA, triptych by Bobbi Mastrangelo on exhibit at Osceola Arts in Kissimmee FL March 2022

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Da Gracias Por Agua” exhibited at Osceola Arts in Kissimmee Florida, March 2022 in The Dream Shapes Exhibit, which presents the art of Florida Sculptors Guild members.

DREAM SHAPES: Some people fall asleep and get ideas for artwork, others daydream. These dreams, that have been dancing around in our heads, can be brought to Life, in the hands of a Sculptor. We give them form, shape, texture and color. We make them real. Come experience the Dream Shapes that inspire us. Come share the dreams of the Florida Sculptors Guild!

Works by members of the Florida Sculptors Guild will be on display in the Osceola Arts galleries from March 1 through April 1. Free art reception on Saturday, March 5 from 2:pm to 5:pm.

Osceola Arts,

Mar 01, 10:00 AM – Apr 01, 5:00 PM

2411 East Irlo Bronson Highway. Kissimmee, FL 34744. PHONE 407 846 6257

The Florida Sculptors Guild (FSG) non-profit organization is a culturally diverse network of professional and emerging sculptors and supporters of the visual arts who are dedicated to bringing the Sculptural Arts to Florida communities, to both educate and enhance community awareness of the Arts. The goal of FSG is to share a passion for sculpture and make it available and accessible to the entire community. For more information on the Florida Sculptors Guild go to To see works on display:

Bobbi Mastrangelo is internationally known for her unique wall relief city-scape interpretations of water covers and manhole covers.

Bobbi felt Spiritually Blessed as she created her triptych meaning ”Give Thanks for Water.” Bobbi enjoyed researching the ancient Aztec, Mayan and Nahuatl Cultures for the borders and designs of the two outside pieces.
Her creation was influenced by the Poet, Jorge Argueta, “Water is Sacred,” and
The contemporary Water Researcher, Masaru Emoto, author of The True Power of Water, who believes that “Water is a Blessing.”

7 replies on “DA GRACIAS POR AGUA, triptych by Bobbi Mastrangelo on exhibit at Osceola Arts in Kissimmee FL March 2022”

Bobbi, your artwork is so unique and your colors are so beautiful. You are so blessed with talent.
Toni Pantaleo

Nice work, Barbara. It’s different from other pieces I’ve seen of yours. I like the Mayan earth, fire, water and air signs and the suggestion of Aztec (?) calendars. The colors are subtle and effective. It’s got ancient roots. Really nice artwork. Thanks for sending it out.

Cathy Farrar
Florida Sculptors Guild

I didn’t know you could get better, Bobbi, but you do. This is another exceptional piece of art.
It is beautiful, very expressive, keeps me looking at it with interest.

Hey Bobbi excellent artwork as usual…and the colors are so earthy and beautiful! Keep up the good work. Pamella

Congratulations on your ground-level journey (and some underground). You get the award for staying riveted to one theme in your art. I vividly remember our meet-up at your house!
All good things,
Marc Josloff

Hi Marc, We hope that all is going well for you. We still enjoy your rendering of our grandson as a baby in the arms of Al.
Happy spring time.

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