Modern Casting Magazine (Sept. 2010) Artists: Bobbi Mastrangelo & Kim Christiansen

“SHAKEOUT: From Streets to Galleries,” page 56

“Cast manhole and utility covers have inspired artists like Bobbi Mastrangelo and Kim Christiansen to create works of art that have been on display in galleries around the country.”

Celebration of Water

This is the Fiber Arts creation that Shannon Wetzel chose for The Shakeout page of Modern Casting Magazine.  The various water covers were printed with deep embossment  on my hand made paper circles.  They were secured to metallic gauze which was stretched over the wooden frame of a canvas back painted black. Using this technique makes the little watercovers appear to “Float.”

Tampa Valve Cover with Dragonhead and Porpoise by Kim Christiansen

Kim Christiansen enhances his rubbings with colorful additions. You can view more of his works at

In the summer of 2000 while strolling the streets of Topsham England, Christiansen began to notice the different designs on manhole covers.  He decided to capture those designs the same way that people did tombstone rubbings or brass rubbings in churches.

Published monthly by the American Foundry Society, Modern Casting Magazine presents the North American metal casting industry with technical and management information for operational and business decision making.

We are proud to be included in this magazine along with other “hot” topics (like pouring molten metal). If you have photos of  foundry scenes or foundry topics to share, please let me know in a blog comment.

12 thoughts on “Modern Casting Magazine (Sept. 2010) Artists: Bobbi Mastrangelo & Kim Christiansen

  1. Hi Bobbi,
    I know this is off the topic…
    How do you feel about being on e-bay?
    I noticed someone sold one of your
    early modern prints “Picasso’s World,”
    on E-bay (Sept. 22, 2010)

    The art world is wide and varied.
    Good luck and keep working.
    Besides providing beauty for the world,
    you feed your soul while making it.
    Good Luck and Keep Working.
    Your 1955 Maryvale High School Classmate,
    Mary Ann Haring-Sanchez

  2. Bobbi,

    Your creations never cease to amaze me–I wonder what you will do next! I sure am proud of my two wonderful, creative cousins you and your sister Judie Pufpaff.!!!!


  3. What “grate” thoughts come to your mind in utilizing techniques to create interesting pictures, and illusions of water and covers chiseled from your own hand-made paper circles. What a fertile mind!

  4. Hello Bobbi!
    It is always such fun to see what you are doing with your grateworks! This is an interesting article and nice to see your ‘floating’ water once again. I wonder where I will read about your art next!!

  5. Enjoyed your blog.
    The sad news is that manhole covers cost a lot of money, so they are thinking of putting generic covers out in the future here in Calif. and melting down all those pieces of art we have here.
    They don’t see the beauty in the design of the covers.
    Mary Ann Haring Sanchez
    Your Maryvale ’55 classmate

  6. Hi Bobbi & Al,
    Still love all my wonderful Art work not only at my office,
    but in my home as well.
    It’s wonderful and brings back great memories.

    Our son is back at Art School in Philidelphia – University of the Arts.
    My daughter is a junior at Mt. St. Marys in Newburg as a
    Human Services Major.
    Richie Kuri
    RJK Gardens (Landscaping)

  7. Bobbi
    You are creative and spend your time working . That’s far ahead of those who sit in front of the boob tube or play these inane on line games all day. You produce something worth while. And when you venerate old covers, you keep an often forgotten piece of history alive. Some of these man hole covers are works of art in themselves.
    Mary Ann Haring Sanchez

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