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“Turning Manhole Covers into Art” by Barbara Sieminski for, highlights Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Manhole Art

Barbara Sieminski, author of “Turning Manhole Covers into Art” discovered Bobbi Mastrangelo’s manhole art on the web while researching foundries and manhole covers.  This abridged Blog version, includes Bobbi’s Manhole Art. Some cities hold occasional “Art in the Street” competitions during long summer days, where boulevards are closed off and chalk artists of all ages come […]

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“Poinciana Artist Heads to The Orlando Museum of Art” (condensed version)

Poinciana Artist Heads to The Orlando Museum of Art Next Month for 1st Thursday. (Condensed Version)   December 25th, 2011  Michael Freeman POINCIANA — Bobbi Mastrangelo isn’t totally certain what the theme “Sculpture: the Ultimate Process” truly means, since like most works of art, it can be open to various interpretations. 
“Ultimate usually means the […]