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The Creation of “City of Orlando,” Mastrangelo’s Sculpture Relief

Why I created the Sculpture Relief: “City of Orlando.” download a PDF of this story Orlando Museum of Art’s First Thursday’s Competition for January 5, 2012 was entitled “Sculpture, the Ultimate Process.” Remembering the brick pavers surrounding the Orlando Museum of Art, I thought, “Why not enter the competition with a streetscape scene from the […]


Bobbi Mastrangelo at Orlando Museum of Art 1st Thursdays Exhibit: Jan. 5, 2012 “Sculpture -The Ultimate Process”

Orlando Museum of Art 2416 North Mills Avenue Orlando FL 32803 Bobbi’s relief works on exhibit January 5th are: “City of Orlando” (48” x 31” x 3”) “Buckeye Water Meter Cover” (22″ x 31″ x3″) “Solivita Scene”  (17″ x 12″ x 2″) This exhibit is open to the public. “Sculpture -The Ultimate Process” January […]

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