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Mastrangelo’s Sculpture Celebrates Pride in Port Washington Sept. 24 – Oct. 5, 2012

Pride in Port Day

Saturday Sept 29, 2012


At My Studio • Sept 24 – Oct 5, 2012

284 Main Street ~ Port Washington NY 11050

1 (516) 384- 8181

My Studio, located  in the Historic Harbor District of Port Washington

My Studio is located on Main St, in the Historic Harbor District of affluent Port Washington, NY. The Gallery has Location, Location, Location… it is  surrounded by Art & Antique shops, Restaurants, Custom Jewelry and Clothing Designers… to name a few.  We are a sales focused Gallery, always looking for new Artists to promote. The three top winners of this competition will have their work in our display windows on a rotating basis.

Port Washington sculpture relief 60″ x 40″ x 3″ on exhibit.

This sculpture relief was actually inspired by the streets of Port Washington NY. It simulates a sewer cover in a  piece of the road. The parallel white road stripes (with glass reflector beads) are for a two lane road. The little blue reflector is a marker for the firemen indicating that a fire hydrant is at the side of the road. I actually embedded some saw dust in a cement wash for texture.

The Art Advisory Council scheduled my one-woman exhibition for February 1-27 1987.  I had many finished pieces to include and I was hoping to finish the Port Washington Scene to be the highlight of the presentation. Now that was an ambitious undertaking with time marching on. It was not complete on time, that is why I am delighted that it is in the current exhibition: Pride in Port. But it was a marvelous opportunity to exhibit at the prestigious Port Washington Library Gallery and meet the supportive members of the Art Advisory Council. During the process, I also met the Superintendent and employees of The Port Washington Water District which later acquired some of my “Water Works!”

Now that I live in the tropics, I won’t get to see this exhibit, but I would appreciate comments from anyone who is able to view this exhibit.

11 replies on “Mastrangelo’s Sculpture Celebrates Pride in Port Washington Sept. 24 – Oct. 5, 2012”

I think that they are very happy to have this Port Washington piece at “My Studio.”
From what Hugh said, this will be A great addition to the show!!!!
Marilyn Abt

Hi, Bobbi,
So happy to hear you’re doing so well. A good friend of mine who is also my corporate artist lives and works in Port Washington. She may stop by.
Oxbridge Communications, Inc. &
39 W. 29th St., Suite 301
New York, NY 10001

Hi Bobbi,
Always glad to hear about you and your works. Don’t know if I ever told you I saw one of your pieces in Dr. Peterson’s office in Smithtown I recognized it immediately. Port Washington must be glad to look at this wonderful piece.
China Painter

Dear Bobbi,
Kudos–Congratulations to you! Very happy to hear of your show in Port Washington. Wow! I’m proud of you, dear friend, and wish you the best. Sorry that I can’t get over there but I’m pleased to know your special talent is appreciated.

We are actually planning on leaving for Israel in a couple of weeks! Let’s make this year the one we get together in in FL–or if you’re up in NY with some time… Much love and keep the Bobbi-isms rolling,
Poet and Former Reading Teacher

Hi Bobbi,

Finally checked into your blog today as I needed inspiration to finish three paintings for a January 2013 show.
You are amazing, congratulations on your show and wonderfully creative grates.
Love you,
Your sister, Judie

Aunt Bobbi,
I love that I am part of such an artistic and musical family. I can only hope my kids take after this. Congrats on your show.
Our son, Colby asked if the ninjas turtles lived in the sewer under the grate in your picture! (Thought you would like this and that he looked at the different grates on the street, pointing them out looking for turtles!)

Dear Colby,
I love your imagination. I enjoyed reading about the Ninja Turtles and long ago I wrote an adventure story including the Ninja Turtles.
If I can find the story, I will send you a copy.
Love from Your “Great Aunt,”
Bobbi Betschen Mastrangelo

Dear Colby,

What a big question for a boy of three year old. Wow!
Why do I make sewers in my art?

I like circles and I enjoy doing unusual art.

I love to learn all about why we have sewer covers and manhole covers. Perhaps you can figure that out.

Do you know why manhole covers are round?

My water cover art reminds people to keep our waters pure.

Thank you for your drawing of the Ninja Turtles coming out of a sewer.

Keep on learning and drawing!
Aunt Bobbi

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