Manhole Covers Fascinate Bobbi Mastrangelo (You Tube 2:00)

My first TV Interview was by Karen Hasby in her Newsday Office in 1983.  She reviewed the  “Classic Works” covering traditional themes such as flowers and cathedrals.  Karen  delved into my Picassoesque “Mod Works.”  But it was my unusual new theme of grates, water covers and manhole covers that caught her attention.

You can view the video on You Tube:  Bobbi Mastrangelo Grateworks Beginnings – YouTube

Images of all three of my art periods are archived here: Interview with contemporary artist Bobbi Mastrangelo, ‘the grate’

I was really excited about my second TV Interview to be taped at our St. James Home in January 1987. In preparation I bartered with an artistic rug company who designed a  roadscape with a yellow stripe across the gray carpet. So when were they available to install their creation? You guessed it!  The morning of the Interview. Every floor bound item and the furniture had to be removed. But when the gray and black grate, artist brush and the white script for “Grate Works” appeared in the carpet, I was thrilled and energized. In short order the studio was ready for guests.

 Bobbi Mastrangelo in her “Upstairs Studio” January 1987

Bobbi Mastrangelo in her St. James Studio

“We’re hungry!  Do you know of a good pizzeria?” So we drove to Smithtown.  Before we ate, Bob Johnson photographed people walking over manhole covers and cars speeding over them. During lunch, Rosemary Gomez casually inquired about my art theme and explained their goals.  After lunch we drove back to St. James where they filmed me doing a rubbing of a manhole cover.

Back at my home they taped  me in the upstairs carpeted studio and in the basement print shop. They added photos of my art work, manhole cover fashions and the manhole cover bedspread in our son’s room. In my guest book, Rosemary Gomez said her favorites were “When the People Care,” “A Piece of the Road” (the rusty grate with litter) and everything else. Bob Johnson wrote that “Hopscotch” was his favorite. Just seeing their autographs in my Guest Book triggers memories of a very special afternoon.

Bobbi Mastrangelo in her Print Shop

Dear Viewers:  after watching the News 12 video, please share your favorite aspects or favorite artwork in the comment section.  Manhole Covers Facinate Bobbi Mastrangelo – YouTube



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I always remember when you began your journey to find “covers” and I remember telling you about a cover in Brooklyn where I grew up-the cover carried the letters “DWS” with some kind of water symbol.
At any rate you made me very conscious of “covers” till this day
Stay well and my best to Al
Peace and Blessings,
Nunzio and Rose Cazzetta

Hi Bobbie, enjoyed reading and seeing the video. What are you doing now?
Your friend, China Painter, etc.

Hi Bobbi
You are now on You Tube with Madonna and all of the others!!!! Congrats! It is all fun to watch I like the places that you go!!!!
Marilyn Abt

Hi Bobbi, I am so happy for you and your successful grateworks projects. Your creative talent and ideas provide a whole new aspect to art. I love the work you do.

Hi Bobbi,
The video news was a great insight. First taking photos of the grates and then creating them. I liked the way you touched on several of the art pieces in your blog.
Great job… It makes so much interesting reading. I personally think Channel 9 News would love to do a piece on you especially with this last blog posting about the video.

Cheryl Wilson
Your Web Master

Dear Bobbi
I just viewed your 2 You Tube videos..
The only thing that has changed about your
appearance is your hair color!!!
Newscasters certainly look different today..
Your goal was to make it in the art world..
well, you sure did…
What did Al think about the fact that
they left off the
“o” in Mastrangelo?
Susan Raff
Presider for our “Novel Group” book club

Thanks for sharing. You are an amazing person.
Always have a goal. I admire you.
Kathy Wheeler
Your Book Club Friend
(A Novel group)

Are you aware of this?
Sent by your Maryvale High School Pal ’55
Mary Ann Haring Sanchez

Anyone interested in custom manhole doormats, soap, coasters or mouse pads come and visit me.
Thanks Glenn

Bobbi…congratulations on two great interviews! I have loved your work ever since we “met” via the NPCW group. I cherish your post cards when they are received each year. I never have looked at a manhole cover or grate the same since I’ve seen your beautiful works of art. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
~janie (Jane Conrad) NPCW Pen Pal
Dedicated supporter of our troops

Hi Bobbi,
I loved the interview. Congratulations! Your work is very inspiring – creating something from ordinary objects. It makes me want to go back to printmaking. I also enjoyed Dan Welden’s solar plate videos. It’s great to see you on YouTube!
I also just updated my website (and I’m still working on it – without any knowledge of HTML)

Best of luck to you.
June Long-Schuman
Art Colleague who exhibited with you
at the “Neighborhood House” in Setauket

Buckeye Water Works Manhole Cover (on the video)
– A favorite.
Grace Fishenfeld
National Association of Women Artists

Good Morning Bobbi,
I really enjoyed reading through your newsletter and seeing your interview….you have gotten lovelier as the years have passed.
My favorite piece of your work is titled “Sunburst”….it just captured me. I found the sunburst in a newsletter interview by Celestopea Times on your web-site…it really is beautiful!

Most of all, meeting you and reading about you has inspired me…..I’m going to put some more time into my “creative” side and see what happens!

Peggy Thomas
Message Therapist

Hi Bobbi,
It is always a pleasure receiving updates from you.
Happy to see you are doing well and enjoying your passion.
I think of you frequently when I see my Port Jeff Manhole Art piece at my home.
Grateful forever.
Jolie Powell
Jolie Powell Realty
406 Main St
Port Jefferson, NY 11777

631-473-0420 office
631-774-2528 mobile/text

Hi, Bobbi…
Thrilled for your success! FYI…the video you-tube links both say:”Sorry…this video has been removed by user”—
Cheering you On,
Pom Pom (aka Judie C)

That was very interesting…Enjoyed both TV Interviews……………….you are unbelievable…Didn’t realize all that you do…You ARE unique.
Carol Barufaldi
Singer in Solivita’s
“Guys & Dolls’ Chorus”

Earl Babbie is the author of many works of Non Fiction in his field. But it was “You Can Make a Difference” that inspired me to start a grass roots organization in my town to deal with litter and beautification.

C.L.E.A.N.(Committee for Litter Elimination and Neatness) was our volunteer organization. We Adopted Areas, kept them litter-free and beautified them.

Kudos to you, Earl Babbie. You are a Positive Influence!
Your Philosophy Makes the World a Better Place!

P.S. I was delighted to learn that Chapman University,
where you taught the last 20 years before retirement,
has created a research center in your name.

Dear Nona,

Wow it was
so cool to see your face
“live” in person.
We love you and
there will be more artwork and
postcards to come!

Your granddaughter


You are the Grate-est! You are making “Grate History!”

Thanks for your kind comments. I hope you know how
honored I am to know a famous artist–one who
invented a new art form.

Fond regards,
Earl Babbie

Dear Bobbi,
By the way, I recently got an iMac 27 inch, but I am not familiar with it yet. ITunes I met by chance. I watched a picture of your creative activities in it.
Your work is born into the world, continues to provide inspiration and joy to people, as if playing the piano like Mozart.
We remember the PEACE fascinated by the world of Your “Grate Works.” It Remains in our hearts forever.
As ever,
Masayuki Shiga
Your pen pal from Japan

Hey there! I’ve been following your web site for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Arizona. Just wanted to tell you keep up the fantastic job!

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