Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Unique Copper Toolings Benefit Attleboro Arts Museum Oct. 12 – 31, 2012

October 12 – 31, 2012 view the popular on line auction at

The Benefit Art Auction is the Attleboro Arts Museum’s biggest fundraising event of the year.  Proceeds from the auction fund colorful and innovative arts programs for all levels of artists and art students.  Everyone’s support is sincerely appreciated. The live auction will be held Saturday, November 3rd, 2012.

Since 2002, Bobbi Mastrangelo has been donating art for Attleboro Arts Museum Annual Auction Fundraisers. Her decorative metal toolings are displayed below along with a description of the process.

She is internationally known as “The Grate Artist,” because her unique creations are based on grates, manhole and water covers. She is listed in The Marquis’ “Who’s Who in American Art.” Prominent Collections are in NY Water Districts, Heckscher Museum, Islip Art Museum and The Jane Voorhees Art Museum at Rutgers University in NJ % The National Association of Women Artists.

 “A Blessing of Water” by Bobbi Mastrangelo

“A Blessing of Water” Copper Tooling: Framed Dimensions  9.75” x 9.75” x 1”  Inspired by a Celtic design water valve cover in Ballinasloe Ireland.  Usice means water in Gaelic.

” Acqua Dolce” By  Bobbi Mastrangelo

“Acqua Dolce”  Brass Tooling:  Framed Dimensions 9.75” x 9.75” x 1”  Inspired by an Italian Water Cover (hand hole cover) in Firenze (Florence Italy).

The Embossing Process or Metal Tooling:

Repoussé or repoussage, (French) meaning pushed-up, describes an ancient metalworking technique. Hammering or pushing up with special tools ornaments a malleable metal from the back.

Chasing, the opposite technique, pushes down or indents from the top. This is a back and forth process. Antiquing medium, polishing and lacquer coating preserve and highlight this ornamental art.

Calendar: View on line and have an opportunity to bid on artworks:

October 12 – 31 2012 Attleboro Arts Museum – Auction Items – BiddingForGood Fundraising Auction

October 12 (Fri.) Opening Reception and Preview Free Admission 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Sat. Nov. 3rd. 5:30 PM Live Auction: For tickets contact  Attleboro Arts Museum  1 508.222.2644


23 replies on “Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Unique Copper Toolings Benefit Attleboro Arts Museum Oct. 12 – 31, 2012”

Hi Bobbi:

Saw your two copper toolings: “Acqua Dolce” and
“A Blessing of Water.” Very nice!
Mim gave me your ticket to the auction!
Thanks so much.
It’s such a fun event for such a good
cause. Thanks again for thinking of me.

Vic Bonneville of Attleboro

How lovely you continue to use the image.
I am so glad I took that rubbing of the
Celtic Water Cover in Balinasloe Ireland.
Hope you are keeping well my dear friend.

Helen Anne

Your toolings are wonderful.
One could make up an interesting
story to accompany them.
Mary Moss
Solivita Artisan’s Guild

Dear Bobbi,
Your new offerings, as usual, are phenomenal!
As Paul & I will be @ sea during your auction
we can but wish you well, as gladly we do!
Gail Wells

Hi Bobbi.
Im impressed as always,by Your unconventional art.
I wish to learn Copper Tooling,some day.
You know what! I haven’t learned anything during last 9 months…….
Instead,I crossed seas and saw new lands….
Norway and Tasmania,inspired me for a future projects.
Edward Wolski

Hello Bobbi,

Copper Tooling makes them especially realistic, all details demand much interest. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Roseline Collins

never before knew the names of the techniques for metal tooling…you, lovely talented lady, always teach me something new ..Have a grate day!
Susan Raff
Your “Grate Works” Apprentice

Hello Bobbi
This is Hernando Arango. Ruby and I enjoyed talking with you last week during the walk at Solivita’s Indoor Track.
Great Art Work.

Any blessed water is good water! Believe the Pope blesses the waters every June 10th. You have manifested a blessing to all!
I love the keeping of historic metalurgy in these tooled copper grates, The best I have ever seen! Ah, Firenze!
Your former Dress Designer!

They are lovely. Love the art works and the idea of sharing your talent to keep a very worthwhile institution viable. You do have a special gift, and using it to further the good, the beautiful, the unusual in an increasingly difficult world is a wonderful privilege.
You are so creative, it’s a real gift from God.
Your Maryvale High School Friend,
Mary Ann Haring Sanchez

Bobbi…this is absolutely beautiful! I see the name of the work is Aqua Dolce which they say is a Blessing of Water. I am sure that you know Aqua Dolce means Sweet Water…
Your brother-in-law

Having the two water cover images: “Acqua Dolce”
and “A Blessing of Water” side by side can be confusing.

Actually it is the Celtic Cover with Uisce (Gaelic for Water)
that is named “A Blessing of Water.”

But as my St. James NY friend Tia
said in her comment above yours:
“Any Blessed Water is good water!
Believe the Pope Blesses the waters every June 10th.”

From the inferences on line I have also been led to believe that Aqua Dolce means pure water, good to drink.
Your sister-in-law

Your copper toolings are incredible.
Congratulations on more great gratework.
Your Brother

Hi Bobbie:

Sorry for the delay on the auction news: (Attleboro Arts Museum). Things have been hecktic here.

One of your pieces was in the “silent auction” and did sell,
but I don’t have a price. The second piece was in the regular
auction and it also sold.

The auction this year was very well attended with a lot of
folks bidding and the end result was that it was hard to keep
track of the results, etc. Lots of chatter & moving about. This year the museum did raise more money than last, so that was very good.

Again, thanks for thinking of me with
your ticket. I look forward to the event each year!
I hope that you and yours have a most Happy Thanksgiving.


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