Judie Pufpaff’s Spiritual Paintings capture…

“I Have Seen Joy” 1st Chronicles 29:17

The Essence of Spring, Easter and Earth Day

“On this journey we call “Life,” each of us is given a unique light and spirit within.  My “spirit” is fed when I paint.  Painting places that I have walked, capturing the light and energy of the moment ignites my passion.”
~ Judie Pufpaff’s Artist Statement. 
 Judie’s art patrons are intrigued with the three angels hidden in each of her creations. They feel the Blessings of the art.  And I am blessed to be her sister. 
To see more of her “Spirit Within” art, visit the web site of:
You can learn about Judie and me growing up to love art and pursuing it in opposite directions.Grate Thoughts » Blog Archive » Two Sisters Close in Age: Far Apart in Art Themes





4 replies on “Judie Pufpaff’s Spiritual Paintings capture…”

How blessed I am to have two such talented artists as favorite cousins!!!! Thanks, Bobbi, for introducing me to Judie’s website for the Williamsville Art Society.
AND congratulations, Judie, on your being president of the organization!! Judie, I wish you much success on your painting venture. I enjoy looking at your lighthouse painting each day
and Bobbi, at your Buffalo grate rubbing. I love going on the internet and seeing the progress each of you are making in the art world. Your Mom and Dad would be so very proud of both of you.

Thanks for keeping me in the loop.
Shirley Lloyd
Your Cousin

Judie, I am so impressed with your gift. The internet stuff sure is great for keeping in touch isn’t it! Love you and remember you and Bobbi with fond memories. Chris, (your cousin)

On my facebook page..
I have a quote..
“I love this journey called Life”
how ironic..seeing your sisters lovely painting
and looking forward to seeing you in person on Tuesday
at Lynn’s for Our “Novel Group” Book Club meeting.
Susan Raff

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