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Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Inside 52GA-R” won “BEST in SHOW” at Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thurs.

How fantastic it was to have my three art entries accepted for Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thursday, May 1, 2014 Exhibition:”Inside/Out.” This link leads to the story explaining the unusual inspiration and basic steps of their creation.

On May 1st, we loaded the art works and delivered them to the Museum early that morning. We went home to relax. Actually I could not relax. I must admit to being extremely excited inside and out because I thought my art was so suited to the exhibition theme of “Inside/Out.”

When we returned for the Evening Reception, we were pleased that the art was displayed handsomely, museum style. Notice the construction and side detail of the center “Florida Storm Sewer.”

“Inside 52GA-R”  “Florida Storm Sewer” & “Victorian Cover”

“Inside 52GA-R” wins “BEST of  SHOW” at

Orlando Museum of Art’s  “Inside/Out” Exhibition  5/1/14

I guess you can say this is my favorite view of the art winning a Blue Ribbon. If I was euphoric for being accepted into the competition, then I was riding high with this award:  “Best in Show!” Everyone who wished me luck aided in my good fortune.


** The Best of the Best!! June 5, 2014 6 pm ** 

This past season a “Best of Show” was selected at each 1st Thursdays Exhibit. On June 5, 2014, these artists come together with fresh works celebrating their recognition. An overall “Best of The Best of Show” artist will be selected.

Best of Show Winners:

Sabrina Etheridge
Cherie Bosela
Michael Moffett
John Baker
Michael Allen Langshaw
Gladiola Sotomayor
Louis Lochead
Crystal Bernard
Edson Campos
Bobbi Mastrangelo

The Ten Best of the Best Artists will also have the opportunity to exhibit their work at The Mayor’s Gallery on the third floor of City Hall from Thursday, June 12th-Friday, August 22nd 2014.

Mark your calendars for Thursday: June 5, 2014  if you are able to attend the Reception for “Best of the Best” at The Orlando Museum of Art from 6-9 PM.


Grate Works of Art Vie for Best of the Best | Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery

Please share the news and wish me luck.

34 replies on “Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Inside 52GA-R” won “BEST in SHOW” at Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thurs.”

And it all started with a fan box!
Toni Pantaleo
Snowbird Neighbor in Solivita

Anyone who saw the works would award all three “Best”
Mary Kelly,
Your Solivita”Snowbird Neighbor

Dear Bobbi,
Good job!
Nan Johnston,
Solivita Book Buddy from
A Novel Group

That’s great! Or should I say grate? Congratulations!!!
Lori Griffith
Your Solivita Book Buddy
A Novel Group

To Bobbi, the Best of the Best!
We knew that already!
Congratulations on the Best in Show award.
You look grate in your beautiful jacket!
Solivita Book Buddy from
A Novel Group

Dear Bobbi,
Congratulations on winning Best in Show at Orlando Museum of Art’s 1st Thursday Exhibit entitled: “Inside/Out.”
I am so blessed to have such a Lovely, Talented Lady as “My Friend!”
Hugs ‘n Blessings.
Your Novel Group Book Buddy

Hi Bobbi,
Sooo excited about your “Best of Show” Award, the next part will be even better. Your blog of the Best of Show is fun to read, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

Wish we could be at the “Best of the Best” exhibit….
Sending loving, positive thoughts for the Best of the Best next exhibition at the Orlando Museum.

Love to you and Al,
Your sister, Judie
Artist of “The Spirit Within”

Hi, Bobbi:
Great work. Congratulations on all of your recognition.
The picture in Solivita Reflections also looks great.
So proud for you.
Your Book Buddy from
A Novel Group

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an incredible honor.
You must be on cloud 9. Congratulations to you and
good luck on winning the next level.
Judy Shapiro
Solivita Artisans’ Guild

What wonderful news. CONGRATULATIONS!
A well deserved award.
You are an inspiration to many of us.
Solivita Artisan’s Guild

I am so happy for you Bobbi. What a Grate accomplishment!
Gaby and Hans
Solivita Friends

We wont be able to attend as we will be away, but want to wish you the best of luck in the competition.
Hope you win it !!
Narda and Tony
Your Solivita Friends,

Congratulations, BobbI!
You are such a creative and sensitive artist. Best wishes on the exhibit. I’m sorry I will miss it as my husband and I will be in Virginia and abroad for 6 weeks beginning May 28.
See you soon at Guys & Dolls Chorus Rehearsals at Solivita…..


Hi Bobbi,

Unfortunately I have to work that evening, but we wish lots of joy and long lasting memories celebrating your evening, and many more successes in the future.
James and Jackie Pons

It will be an exciting evening.
I am sorry to sorry we can’t be there because we
have booked a cruise and will not be here.
It does not prevent me from holding my fingers crossed
and hoping you can bring home “The Best of the Best” title officially.

Unofficially, you already are, we just want The Orlando Museum of Art to put their stamp on it, and if by some misguidance they don’t, we know you are The Best.

Your work is so unusual, so creative, so detailed in its theme, and if we consider what’s behind it, it is the ultimate recycle project. All in all, I hope the judges realize what they have, when they look at your art. Its Grate!!!
I’ll be with you in thought with my fingers crossed.
With sincere wishes for your work to be selected Best of Best,

Bobbi, how great! I love it!
Congrats. How inspiring and creative.
So sorry that we can’t come.
Good luck.

Congratulations sister! Wishing you best of the best on the 5th. Continued Grateness!!

Love you,
The “Young”est Sister


Congratulations on your winning of “ Best of Show “ in the Inside/Out competition held in May 2014. What an honor to have your work selected for first prize.

Good luck in the selection of “ Best of the Best of Show “ artist to be held on June 5th.

It’s been a lot of time spent and hard work over the years, however your art has been a love of yours during all that time.

Pat & Marv

Bobbi…I checked out the article one more time and your work is really terrific! It is amazing that you can make something like a street grate and turn it into a beautiful work of art…Angelo

There is no greater art work drawing people’s attention and amazement to bring the awareness of how precious and jeopardized the most important natural resource is; water.
Congratulations Bobbi! Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE IT!

Love your work and the times we spent together.
I can believe that we met in 1985.
There is no such thing as time.
We are unlimited beings in the oneness of now…
a changeless omnipresent moment.
You are as divine as God’s intentions, placing you here for
Grate Works!
With love,

Dear Bobbi,
Hello across too many miles! I don’t know if you received any congratulatory e-mails from me recently or not–I tried! The computer went crazy, hung up, etc.
Truth be told–I do want to send my good wishes on your recent and upcoming shows. I’m so glad to learn that your talent is appreciated and I know these events are special.
Take care and Hooray for your Bobbisms!
Love to you both from Hal and me,

Read the wonderful article about you in Solivita Reflections.
Good luck with winning the whole thing.
Congratulations on everything.
Solivita Artisans’ Guild

Talented beyond measure. Saniya, Kami, and I love you Bobbi. God has greatness in store for you accept it and embrace it.
All Love, Always.
Solivita Neighbor

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