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Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Artisode #108 on You Tube

Bobbi Mastrangelo with “The Square Route of Water.”

Here I am in my studio with a relief based on an actual scene in Riverhead NY.  You will also be able to see it and many other art works based on manhole covers, water covers, grates and drains in this video on You Tube :  ▶ WUCF-TV Artisode # 108 Features Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Grate Works of Art – YouTube

You can learn more about my Artisode Adventure on an earlier blog article:  Grate Thoughts » Blog Archive » Bobbi Mastrangelo Featured in WUFC-TV Artisode #108 0n Nov. 21, 2013

Please share this Artisode # 108 with other art aficionados. Thanks.

Your comments are welcome.

“Grate Wishes” for a Fantastic 2014!

39 replies on “Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Artisode #108 on You Tube”

Bobbi, this is very impressive!!!!
Nice photos and you are very beautiful as well !!!!
Thanks for sending this. So nice to see you again!!!!
Marilyn, who was your neighbor when you lived up North.

Hello Boobi,

Nice to see you keeping up with the world.

Now I see tons of books on the shelves in the photo.
Which reminds me: do you need any books at this time?

Amnon Tishler
Booklovers Paradise
2972A Merrick Road
Bellmore, NY 11710
516-221-0994, 11:30AM-4:30PM
516-579-2848 after 8PM

Dear Bobbi,

Thanks for the message and the You Tube link. You did a wonderful job on the video. I am so proud of you for all of your fantastic creativity and of course, for having such a famous sister.

Your Brother,

What a wonderful segment on you! Love your pieces you spoke about, so creative. I am sure I walked over many manhole covers throughout Europe and never realized what beautiful pieces of art and history they truly were. Nice work!
Cindy and Rick

LOVED the video. It was great presentation of Grateworks.
I do so love your work and treasure my manhole cover,
I think I have the best one, all gray and deceptively simple.

I’m also very much enjoying the prints;
I’ve had them framed and they look wonderful in my living room.

If it’s not too late for season’s wishes… Happy New Year.

Wow, Bobbi. It’s just like being there.
It’s a perfect presentation of your work and passion.
I am a big supporter of our local PBS stations. They do more than their share in showcasing many interesting arts that might otherwise be overlooked by the public.

I think I mentioned this video: ▶ when we spoke. It’s Illinois’ version of Artisodes. But these bits are designed to run between programing slots. This one of me ran hundreds of times in 2013. Such buzz always nets an interesting following!

Congratulations; clearly you captivated your audience.
They are lucky to have you down there in the sunshine state!
Beth Ann Magnuson

Dear Bobbi,
Your Artisode was absolutely wonderful and so very very interesting. My son is visiting and was very impressed with your talent.
I MADE THE FRUIT CAKE this year and it brought back the fun times we used to have at your home.
I will be in a show this March singing La Vie En Rose and tapping to All That Jazz.
Give my love to Al and Annmarie.
Oceans of love,

Thanks Bobbi. Excellent! Just viewed it. I love the production . Very well done. I have an even better understanding of your technique.
Good to get the recognition.
I will look for other videos about you.
Doug of Boston
The Lighting Pole Aficionado

Hi Bobbi-
I enjoyed the UCF piece on you and your artwork.
Thinking of you and your life, well-lived.
Mary Ann
Your former Third Grade Student (long ago)

Hi Bobbi, Dear–
I feel like we just had a wonderful visit! I watched your special Artisode and was delighted, first to see you looking so well–and youthful and to hear your enthusiasm, see your talent revealed! Yay! Bobbi and Bobbyisms!
We are hoping to leave for FL early tomorrow morning, weather schedules permitting–8″ of snow out my St. James NY window! It will be an adventure!
Please do keep in touch.
Very best to Al and You from Hal.

Congratulations, Bobbi !!!

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your manhole Artisode.

Bob lngram
Former Educator in Smithtown School District

Dear Bobbi,
You have achieved your dream and I am so happy for you.
In addition, you look great.

Congratulations Bobbi ….truly amazing … outstanding work which obviously you enjoy….thank you for sharing……
Arlene F. Davis
Maryvale High School’55 Classmate

Great video Bobbi!!!

Thanks for sharing it and for letting us see you in action.

On one of our summer long X-country van trips, Janet and I made rubbings in New England graveyards. When we ran out of tombstones we moved to metal work–kneeling in a busy Portland, Maine intersection; balancing on a wall at a fort in Nova Scotia to get the engraving on a canon; finished up at the bronze rubbing concession at Ashland in Oregon. We did them all on 11 by 17 rice paper and bound them in a black ledger folder that size. A lot of fun and a lot of memories! Thank you for stimulating memories of rubbings again.

I’ll share your email with the entire SF Post Card Club.

All the best,

-Lew Baer

Just saw your Artisode, Bobbi, Very nicely done and informative as well.
I am about to start work on my eleventh lighthouse card for NPCW. (National Post Card Week)
Will send you more details later, It is from one of my photos taken back in 2002.

Bobbi…I finally got a chance to watch the video. It is terrific! You were so relaxed, I wish I could do this as well as you. Your art work looked great and your explaination as to why you chose manhole covers makes a lot of sense.
When I teach entrepreneurship which encompasses a lot of marketing I tell my students that their product/service has to be unique and yours certainly is. Congratulations!…Ange

Bobbi, Congratulations!
That was truly a wonderful honor for you,
and gives us all a closer picture
of your legacy and the amazing soul
and artist that you are!
God bless you,
Nancy Wibben
Former Teaching Colleague

A very nice video article about your work, Bobbi! We enjoyed watching it.

Frank & Rebecca Deignan
Solivita Friends

Congratulations Bobbi ! You’re a very special person, with a gifted talent. Keep up the great work.
We wish you the best,
Sandy & Doug Leffert

Thanks for sharing! Each time I see some of your art I am struck anew with your creative talent 🙂
Marge Weldy
Solivita Book Circle Friend


My daughter sent me the link to your Artisode Video. Don’t know how she saw it. She’s living in Virginia.

Anyway, it was so much fun seeing your work again after all these years. I still love the picture you gave Don and me of the church doors at St. James Episcopal Church in St. James, NY. It’s on the wall!

Hope you and yours are well.
With love,
Priscilla Webster

Hi, Bobbi:
So happy for us to know we have a famous artist in our group and as my friend.
Kathy Wheeler
“A Novel Group” Book Buddy

Hi Bobbi,
I did send The Artisode YouTube link to my sister in Germany and my niece. They were amazed.
Thanks for sharing
Ich wuensche Dir noch einen schoenen Tag
(wishing you a nice day)
Gaby (who also celebrates multiculturalism)

Bobbi, this is a great video…did you know it has captioning? That was a big help to me. Hugs n God bless!
Your Novel Group Book Buddie

My husband, Michael, saw the show and was very impressed!
Painter in Solivita Artisans’Guild

Oh Bobbi, thank you for sending this — it is WONDERFUL!! I heard too late this was on TV and even said today to some artists that I wondered if you had a tape I could see, then this link shows up in my email. Thanks.

You should be very proud!! The Artisode segment was very well done.

Water Color Artist
Solivita Artisan’s Guild

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