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Bobbi Mastrangelo’s 2012 NPCW Post Card

Bobbi Mastrangelo
“Borough of Manhattan”

National Post Card Week 2012

National Post Card Week is celebrated annually during the first full week of May. I correspond with almost two-hundred post card pen pals in The United States and abroad. Each year I choose one of my sculptures or art happenings to be reproduced  as a post card for NPCW. This year’s  image is the third in a black and white series:

2010 featured Art Carney as Ed Norton emerging from a sewer.

2011 a  Ford Water Meter Pit Cover is based on  my original dark room developed photo.

2012 is a portrait of myself in front of my sculpture relief.  Ed Norton worked in the NYC Sewers and my “Borough of Manhattan,” is based on an actual New York City Grate.  Text on the frontispiece:

Bobbi Mastrangelo

 Manhole Cover Aficionado, aka

“The Grate Lady,” Bobbi creates

paper works and sculptures of

water covers and manhole covers.

1994 A Banner Year for:

“Borough of Manhattan.”

 It complimented The New York

Hall of Science’s  summer theme:

“Deciphering the Secrets of New

York City’s Hidden Infrastructure.”

“Borough of Manhattan” was

selected for The National

Association of Women Artists’

Permanent Collection at the

Zimmerli Art Museum: Rutgers U.

Campus in New Brunswick, N J  USA.

The Grateworks Collection for National Postcard Week is  displayed under my bio/about.

Bobbi Mastrangelo- Postcards -“The Grate Works” -transforms manhole covers, sewers and grates into artistic streets capes.

Contact me if you wish to purchase a signed 2012 postcard.

20 replies on “Bobbi Mastrangelo’s 2012 NPCW Post Card”

Dear Bobbi,
Thank you for the NPCW Card and your “Grate Works” packet.
I hope you continue to enjoy making art and post cards.

Here are mine for 2012: A self portrait with a quote from Robert Browning’s Epilogue to “Asolanddo,” a Jack Rabbit, Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of John Glenn’s Orbit and Aloha Post Office Centennial.
All the Best,
John Staub

Hello Bobbi!

Thank you for your postcards!!! Both of us like their unusual photos,etc. You continue to be a person of success!!!
Congratulations, Bobbi!
Marilyn Abt
Port Jefferson NY

Hi Bobbi,
My twin brother John and I always look forward to your latest grate, great works of art. Cheers!
Jim Staub
Cal Tech: Pasadena CA

Thanks for post cards based on your fascinating Manhole Cover Projects. What a collection of them I am gathering here at the Institute of American Deltiology.
Donald R. Brown
Myerstown PA

Hi Bobbi,
Many thanks for your e-mail. Yes I did get your NPCW and do enjoy it very much. You’re doing a great job with your post cards and they have a great place in my collection.

How’s the weather down in your area. Did you get any tornadoes this spring? Up here it keeps beeing a bit too chilly this month of May.
Best Regards and God Bless,
Claude Brassard,
Quebec, Canada

Hi Bobbi,

Thanks so much for the package of postcards.
Glad to see you’re still doing your “grate” works.

Best wishes,
Mimi Melnick
Author: “Manhole Covers”

Here is a comment from a fellow Post Card Pen Pal
regarding our fascinating hobby:
Hi Everyone,
It has been a great NPCW for me. How about you?
Lots of fun. It is great to send and receive cards.
Shame it doesn’t happen more often.
The cards this year have been exceptional.
Many very talented artist in our midst.
I tried, but its impossible to choose a favorite.
Enjoy collecting.
Michael Hopkins

Grandmother of Peyton Roi List,
I always think of you whenever I see a grate. Thursday we saw on the news that folks were stealing grates.Then on Friday, the weather man reported that grates aren’t as heavy in the south as in the north. He said heavy rains caused them to float. My husband questioned that. But both times I thought of you.
Bette Mays

Hi Bobbi!
Congratulations on the Post Card of you with “Borough of Manhattan!” Classic! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
With Love,
Dress Designer
and Water Purity Advocate
St. James NY

Hi Bobbi,
The “Borough of Manhattan brings back many memories-
VJ Celebration
First Apartment
First Employment
Will keep the post card on my desk.
Solivita in Central Florida

Dear Bobbi,
As always, I really liked your NPCW cards. They are always so interesting and unique.
Kind Regards,
Karin Gilbert
Post Card Pen Pal
From Arizona USA

Hello Bobbi,
Happy NPCW!
I see you are still a “Grate Lady.”
You have made manhole art a very interesting hobby.
Thanks for your NPCW Cards.
Lorene Swank
NPCW Pen Pal from Indiana

Bobbi ,
Thanks for “Grate” and fun post cards.
God Bless!
Mary Ann Stanfield, Treasurer
San Jose Post Card Club

Thanks for the great and fun post cards.
God Bless,
Mary Ann Stanfield,
San Jose Post Card Club, Treasurer

As usual, your 2012 post card is most interesting.
Betty Davis,
Long Time NPCW Pen Pal
Penns Park PA

Hi Bobbi,
You look exactly the same as in the postcard picture…it’s amazing. What is your secret?
Sheila Anderson
Novel Book Club Friend
Solivita in Central Florida

Dear Bobbi,
Sad to say, my mother Valeria Wolfe passed away in April of this year. She was not ill-fell asleep and did not wake up. She was funny, witty and loved CA. And how she enjoyed her many collections from post cards to succulents.

She was an amazing person, an exhibition polka dancer, a traveler (got to visit all 50 states) and she really enjoyed the roller coaster.
From the post cards you send,
I figure you also have a full and fun life.
Linda Shepherd,
Daughter of Valeria Wolfe
NPCW Pen Pal

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