An Art Student in Poland Requests Mandala Input


Dear Readers,

If any of you create mandalas, Oliwia Gajda would appreciate your help. Please read her letter below. Please note that her deadline is August 15, 2011.  Select seven questions from her list and write responses based on your experience and philosophy regarding mandalas.

Thanks in advance for helping Oliwia with her Master’s Thesis on the Mandala. Send your responses with your name to her e-mail address:

I am a student at Jan Kochanowski’s University in Kielce, Poland. I am now finishing my 5th year of Fine Art and I’m writing my master’s thesis on the mandala. I’m writing to you, because I would like to contact contemporary artists who create mandalas, and ask for permission to use the information provided by them in my work. I’m enclosing a short questionnaire, which you can answer via email.
I look forward to hearing from you,
Oliwia Gajda

 Jan Kochanowski’s University in Kielce, Poland

(Please select seven questions to answer from the list below)

1. When did you create your first mandala?
2. What motivated you to choose the mandala as a form of expression?
3. How did you find out about mandalas?
4. How would you describe the meaning of the mandala in contemporary times?
5. What does the mandala mean for you, personally?
6. What do you think is specific and unique about the mandala?
7. Do you agree that mandalas can have a therapeutic effect?
8. Do you treat the mandala as a way to express your spirituality?
9. How would you describe the message that is hidden in the mandala?
10. Could you point out a person who you call a role model or a master?
11. What is your source of inspiration?                                         12. What do you consider to be your greatest artistic accomplishment?

Deadline August 15, 2011.

“Great Wall Medalllion” fiber art 26″ x 26″

July 27, 2011:

Here is  my response to Oliwia Gadja about my mandala experience with “Great Wall Medallion.”

4 replies on “An Art Student in Poland Requests Mandala Input”

Dear Bobbi Mastrangelo,

I finished my study last year in October and I graduated
from my University in Kielce.
Now I have exposition of my artwork in Oblęgorek and I can give you a link to this website:,wystawa_pierwsza.html

Thank you very much for your help and support.
I am really appreciative.

Right now I’m looking for a job where I could
develop my skills but in Poland is not easy to find
anything that would satisfy me.

I wish you the best –

Oliwia Gajda

Oliwia Gajda mówi:
08 marca 2012 o 1:26 pm
Drodzy Bobbi Mastrangelo,

Skończyłem studia w zeszłym roku w październiku i ukończyłem
z mojego Uniwersytetu w Kielcach.
Teraz mam wykład moich kompozycji w Oblęgorek i mogę ci dać link do tej strony:, wystawa_pierwsza.html

Dziękuję bardzo za pomoc i wsparcie.
Jestem naprawdę wdzięczny.

Teraz szukam pracy, gdzie mogłem
rozwijać swoje umiejętności, ale w Polsce nie jest łatwo znaleźć
niczego, co by mnie zadowolić.

Życzę Wam najlepiej –

Oliwia Gajda

Dear fellow Artist.
I’m impressed by Your achievements.This is the kind of art creativity I’m interested in.
I live in New York,but came from Poland.
Could You tell me,how to learn the rubbing techniques You use while making Your art?
I’m going to take impressions off medieval Crosses of Penitence.[or maybe Penitence Crosses?]
Also gothic and baroque tombstones are a subject of great interest to me.
I will appreciate all words of advice.
With Best Regards,
Edward Wolski

Dear Bobbi Mastrangelo.
I feel privileged by Your reply about how to do a Rubbing. We must stay in touch. Please inform me if You have a plan to teach Your apprentices.

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