Bobbi Mastrangelo has a “Grate Works” Apprentice

Susan Raff: Celebrity Apprentice for Bobbi Mastrangelo’s Grate Works

My Friend and Book Buddy from our Novel Group Book Club, Susan Raff, volunteered to do rubbings of an Orlando Sanitary Cover and a manhole cover from Winter Park.  They will be used as  references to create sculpture relief works for a competition this autumn.  I am grateful for our friendship and her spirit of adventure and of course for the rubbings.

In the photo above, Susan is cleaning and drying off the Orlando Manhole Cover in front of 
the Orlando Art Museum on Mills Avenue preparing for an official rubbing.

This is what Susan related about her experience:

“I loved the looks the people walking gave us…no one stopped, they actually crossed the street!!!  The drivers opened their windows to get a better look.!!!  If I end up on U-Tube, I am going to say it was you, Bobbi !!!!”
Rubbings Wanted of Florida Manhole Covers and Water Covers Worldwide:  Rubbings are fun to do…Just stay out of the middle
of the street. Go with friends.  Here are some guidlines for doing a rubbing:


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I LOVE THIS “Meet Susan Raff Celebrity Apprentice”

I am in a large waiting room,
and have the biggest smirk on
my face. The other people
must be wondering what I
am thinking.
Now, I will send this to my
friends and family,
Have a GRATE day

Dear Bobbi,

I’m deeply touched by your kindness.
We’re doing everything in our power towards Disaster,
I’ve come back from visiting the Tsunami affected coast of Iwate.
I hear Construction plans of 15.5m high embankment are going on
along the coastal subsidence.

Now, I watched your RUBBING of MANHOLE and WATER COVERS.
It’s very interesting, isn’t it?
Of course, I’m sure your SOLO and GROUP Exhibitions went places!
Masayuki Shiga
Your Japanese Pen Pal

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