Water: Everydrop is Precious!

Bobbi Mastrangelo’s “Water Drops”  debut at Solivita Artisan’s  Spring 2011 Exhibit

These sculpture relief works were created for The Toho Water Authority’s Water Reflections exhibit May – June 2011 in Kissimmee Florida. Each piece is actually a “take off” on a familiar water valve cover. That image was stretched and cajoled into a water drop shape.  My husband, Al helped me with the initial drawings. Then I drew larger forms, traced, carved  and painted the foam. The one inch sides of each piece are covered with decorative ribbon.

Do you know the color that is used for Street Mark- Outs of  water covers? 

If you do know, tell me in the comments.

Reclaimed water is highly treated wastewater and can be used for irrigation and other uses to extend our water supplies.

The Valve Covers for Reclaimed Water are labeled REUSE. 

Do you know the prescribed color for REUSE  covers?

Put your answer in the comments. I am looking forward to your feed back.

6 replies on “Water: Everydrop is Precious!”

Hi Bobbi !

You look fantastic….. love the water drops….wow…something new and beautiful…. I look at your work often… just don’t always get a chance to comment…

I’m still working with paper mostly books, though and classes…. lots going on with family here in South Carolina… (I cant pass a manhole cover without thinking… Bobbi would love this !!)
Check my blog…. if you get a chance (just little stuff) All my best…

Dear Bobbi,
I’m very proud of you, with “Water Works” sculptures, as a many award-winning artist.
“Water Works” and “Buckeye” are sure to be admirable Art Exhibits.
I wish I may live to visit them.
Masayuki Shiga
Your Japanese Pen Pal

I love these new creations. The water drop shape is most pleasing to the eye and the colors are lovely and soothing. What an innovative way to remind of us of the importance of conserving our natural resources! Whenever we see the beauty of the natural world, we must be reminded of the tragedy of destroying the enviornment–especially through unbridaled incursions into the pristine areas of this state.
Congratulations on being included in another prestigious art exhibit!

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