A Gift of a Rubbing

The Gift of a Rubbing. A photo of a utility cover can be taken

while standing.  But a rubbing requires kneeling, securing the

paper and careful rubbing with a crayon.  Rubbing conditions

may be challenging, especially when the sidewalk is nitty-

gritty.  Therefore I consider a rubbing a special gift.

Bruce Laird is a talented artist who sent me this rubbing of

a gas cover that he did in Antibes France.

                gas-antibes-france.JPG Rubbing Gift

gaz-3.jpg  “Gaz” relief

I researched possible settings for this Gas Cover and decided

to surround it with antique pavers.  Bruce Laird’s Gift of a

Rubbing inspired my sculpture relief called “Gaz.”

Bobbi Mastrangelo-Gallery-Sculpture Relief Small

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Hi Bobbi,

I greatly enjoyed meeting you, seeing your work,
and visiting your studio. Jean told me that she
knew I would love to meet you and see your art.
Ha! Was she ever right!

I just looked at your website. It is very classy.
It made me jealous! My Mode 2 Associates site
is not as rich in information, but we are happy
to use it to show off our consulting and
publishing enterprises. I hope you enjoy
skimminmg through it when you have a minute.

If I find any interesting photos in my file,
especially ones of water covers, I’ll email them to you.

Peg Hall (Manhole Cover Enthusiast)

Margarete Rooney Hall, Ph.D.
Mode 2 Associates
Gainesville FL 32653

Hello Bobbi,

Your artistic talents never cease to amaze me. “Gaz” will command admiration and interest from onlookers since you brought such grandeur to a gas cover which laid there in its loneliness for a long time.

Continued “grate” thoughts and efforts in seeking out to embellish that which has been trodden upon.


Hi Bobbi,

Thanks for sharing your website and blog.

I especially like the “Don’t Go Soft on Terrorism”.


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