Attleboro Arts Auction

Attleboro Arts Museum
Benefit Auction

On-line auction 
 Oct. 9 to Nov. 4, 2009
Live event takes place
 on November 7, 2009. 
Bobbi Mastrangelo’s 2009 art donations.
BROWSE  through over $50,000 of donated original art.
You may find an art work that speaks to you.
Bidding is easy and fun and you
will be supporting the cultural arts.
Con Edison

Con Edison                             

Buffalo Water

Buffalo Water

14 Responses to “Attleboro Arts Auction”

  1. Shirley Lloyd Says:

    I just love my own Buffalo water works!!
    Good Luck at the auction!
    Your Cousin,

  2. Tia Says:

    Hi Bobbi!,
    Another grate idea, for a grate cause, keep up the grate work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love it!
    Tia Skura

  3. Rhonda Cooper Says:

    Hi Bobbi
    They look lovely!
    Hope you’re enjoying Florida.
    It’s freezing up here!
    Rhonda Cooper
    Art Curator
    Stalller Center for the Arts
    Stony Brook NY USA

  4. Rosie from Solvita Says:


    They are both strikingly significant and each enhanced so appropriately by their framing.

    Hoping the highest bidders will be proud owners of interesting artwork.

    Rosie C.

  5. Marilyn from LI Says:

    Hello Bobbi,

    How complete and beautiful are Buffalo Water and Con Ed in frames and with color. These pieces will bring the highest prices!!! Once again, you have created very nice pieces!


  6. Susan Raff Says:

    Hi Bobbi
    i went to the site…and read the bio’s
    very interesting…
    and beautiful works

  7. Mary C Leto Says:

    Hi Bobbi !
    Your work looks “grate” !…. also saw 2 wonderful pieces of yours at the Georgia Tec Library for FDH Show in Atlanta this past weekend. Glad to see your work…always beautiful…
    I’m in South Carolina for good ….loving it hope you’re doing well in Florida !
    Mary Leto Papermaker
    Member: Friends of Dard Hunter Papermakers

  8. Bobbi Mastrangelo Says:

    Dear Mary Leto,
    It was so good to hear from you.
    I hope to see some of your works on line!
    Bobbi Mastrangelo

  9. Laura from Solivita Says:

    Bobbi: You have beautiful handwriting.
    The drawing of the flower on the
    tropical plant was perfect.
    I’m very pleased you enjoyed
    the field-trip to the
    WOO(World of Orchids)

    Lots of good luck on your art auction.
    Until next;
    Laura Miller

  10. Trish Haygood Says:

    Hi, Bobbi,
    Sorry I can’t bid, but I love the art.
    Best to you.

  11. Vic Bonneville Says:

    I especially liked the Buffalo piece and enjoyed reading about it/you in the local newspaper. We couldn’t attend the auction because of a conflicting commitment in CT.
    My son put your ticket to good use as he and his wife bought a lot of items. Hopefully they’ll surprise me on Christmas! Thanks again for the ticket and I’m looking forward to next year’s event. Have a great holiday season.

    Vic Bonneville, Director
    Attleboro Industrial Arts Museum

  12. Tyler Clarke Says:

    auctions wether online or offline is the thing that i always look for, i love to do some bidding like on ebay”*;

  13. Ammie Dohogne Says:

    Hello, Wonderful job! This is my first time visiting here. I discovered numerous fascinating topics in your blog.

  14. Carly Roufs Says:

    Your site was tweeted by a friend last night. Decided I’d check it out. Best decision ever.

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