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Many of the articles have been put into PDF format. (If you do not have Acrobat Reader for the PDF files it can be downloaded here free.)


Bobbi Mastrangelo Artists Space by Connie Sue White, Orlando Arts Magazine May/June 2019

Photo credit to Pheken Ebenhack – Print PDF


October – Michell Ward – October Manhole Madness WebsitePDF of Website Bobbi Mastrangelo and Featured Artists from The Polasek  Museum Exhibit: “Unseen Art: Touchable Sculpture”


Q & A with a“GRATE” Artist May 2015 Edition of Today & Tonight Magazine

Turning manhole covers into artThe Municipal Posted on January 1, 2015 by Barb SieminskiPrint PDF


Orlando Museum of Art hosts artist specializing in manhole covers – Orlando Sentinel  April 2014print version by Mike Freeman PDF


WUCF-TV Artisode # 108 Features Bobbi Mastrangelo's Grate Works of Art Nov 21, 2013


"Artist enters the age of Cyberspace and all its benefit" Freeline by Michael FreemanPDFAugust 8th, 2012


“Poinciana Artist Heads to The Orlando Museum of Art” Freeline by Michael FreemanPDFDecember 27th 2011

“Artist Draws on Spirit of Unity at 9/11 Event” by Michael FreemanPDFSeptember 23rd, 2011

"Artist Has Patriotic Passion" The Ledger by Michael FreemanPDF  – July 7th, 2011

Poinciana Artist Freeline Media by Michael Freeman – PDF  – June 27th, 2011

Catch Grate Exhibit ‘Water Reflections’ at Toho Water Authority  PDFMay 18th, 2011


"Shakeout from Streets to Galleries"  Modern Casting Magazine  (p. 56: Mastrangelo and Christiansen, featured manhole artists) – Sept. 2010

"Poinciana Artist becomes  well known as 'The Grate Lady'" Ledger on line NewsMay 18th 2010

Artsy Shark Interview Bobbi Mastrangelo’s interview – May 2010

National Resources Defense Council Environmental Art Prize: Mastrangelo one of eleven finalists. -April 2010 


"Attleboro Arts Museum Auction Story" Sun Chronicle – November 19, 2009

Interview Celestopea Times  October 2009


Interview – Mental Contagion  by Sam Edsill– Cause & Effect. (PDF) – September 2007


Artist of the Month – Osceola Center for the Arts Orlando Sentinel, Life in Osceola by Sara Sheckler. Artist of the Month PDF February 26, 2006


"Paper Works" to "Grate Works" Bull & Branch PDF   Friends of Dard Hunter, Inc. Newsletter by Bobbi Mastrangelo – June 2005

“Three Sewer Hitter” and “Gaz” These sculpture relief works were selected for the 2005 Annual Juried Art Exhibitionat The Osceola Center for the Arts . The exhibition was from April 8 – 30 – 2411 E. Irlo Bronson Highway Kissimmee, Florida 34744April 2005

Hot Spring Museum of Contempory Art MOCA Auction PDF – The Sentinel-Record Arts Etc., by John LovettMarch 15th, 2005


“Maryvale Alumna Featured in Art display at Buffalo State" PDF Cheektowaga Times  – by Stephen Koenig – July 2004


“Beauty Under Foot”  TV Park (Guide) Moscow, by Anna Baskakova (PDF with Translation) – March 12th, 2003


“Cover Girl”  PDF – Newsday, Long Island Life   – Vital Signs by Caryn Eve Murray – December 15th 2002


“Finding Beauty in the Grate Beyond” The Baltimore Sun Arts and Society  – Feature by Michael Ollove – September 3rd, 2001


"When the People Care" (art) Because You Never Know PDF – Long Island Living  – Distinction Magazine by Marcia ByalickOctober/November 2000


“Art Review” New York Times by Helen Harrison – October 10th 1999

"Grate Works" PDF – The Times Beacon Record  – by Ray Ellis – October 7th 1999


“The Artist & Grate Works” Long Island News 12: Reporter, Sara Muller – 1998 

 TV Presentation “Manhole Art” Oxymoron, The Fringe: Oxbridge Com – 1998

“Bobbi Mastrangelo Has Grate Expectations” PDF – Postcard Collector Magazine – Postcard Profile by Lewis Baer – 1998


Bobbi Mastrangelo “’The Artist with an Enviromental Edge “ Interview by Lynn Sanders CurleyApril 1997 CEI524


Time Capsule – Time Capsule PDF – 1995

"I'm Moving so is my Manhole Art" PDF Our Town – Names in the News – 1995


“Looking at the Grater Picture” PDF Suffolk Woman – Feature by Danielle Hayduck – 1994

"A View of Ones Own" PDF Our Town – Names in the News – 1994

"Art Carney" PDF Our Town – Names in the News – 1994


“The Manhole is the Message” PDF – Newsday Part II Arts on the Island  – Feature by Susan Howard – December 5, 1990


"Everything Is Beautiful In Its Own Way" PDF – Spotlight Magazine by Doris Meadows  – November 1989

"On People: Bobbi Mastrangelo" PDF Spotlight Magazine by Doris Meadows October 1989

"Call it Litter- An Art Form All Her Own" PDF – The Three Village Herald by Marjorie KaufmanJuly 19, 1989

Manhole Art Interviews WUSB FM – by Walter Skretch, Lou Stevens, and Bonnie Connelly1986-1989


“Manhole Covers Fascinate St. James Artist” Long Island News, Channel 12: Reporter, Rosemary Gomez1987


Bobbi Mastrangelo Inside Newsday Interview by Karen Hasby 1983

This was Bobbi's very first time on TV.  She had done a good deal of classical art (Classic Works), experimented with modern art (Mod Works) and was beginning to delve into manhole art (Grate Works). View her art career stages.