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National Post Card Week 2013 “City of Orlando”

National Post Card Week is celebrated annually during the first full week of  May.  Since 1991, I have been a participant, sending out a post card usually based on one of my manhole cover  relief works. See my collection:  Bobbi Mastrangelo- Postcards -“The Grate Works” -transforms manhole covers, sewers and grates into artistic streetscapes.I exchange […]

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Ode to Karl Shapiro for National Poetry Month

 Why did I write an Ode to Karl Shapiro? Here is the answer in my Daughter Anne Marie’s own words reflecting on her elementary school days: “Karl Shapiro’s poem, ‘Manhole Covers’ was printed in my Fifth Grade English Textbook.  I remember seeing it and thinking: Wow, someone else looks at sewers too, not just my […]