The Story of The Irish Blessing Sculpture

“Irish Blessing” (Ballinasloe Water Cover) 21 ” x 15″ X 25″ My young friend, Helen Anne Gately, gave me reference material on The Ballinasloe Water Valve Cover located on a sidewalk near her Father’s hometown in Ireland.  Not only did it feature a handsome Celtic Pattern, but it also had the Gaelic Word for Water,“Uisce.” […]

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Post Card Blessings

Irish Blessing Post Cards can be sent as little gifts of caring.  Just add your own prayers and get well thoughts or copy the Irish Blessing onto it. Signed post cards of my sculpture relief can be purchased from     MASTRANGELO GRATES Postcards Waltspaper Irish Blessing Post Card The two previous blogs tell all about […]

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Irish Blessings for St. Paddy’s Day and Everyday

Across the globe, all people look for excuses to celebrate life… to add joy to their days.  And St. Patricks’s Day is no exception. People of all nationalities Wear the Green and become Irish for a day. On March 17th, not only do I try to wear green, but I give away “Lucky Bucks” (dollar […]