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A Beautiful Moment

 Keeping an optimistic attitude daily can be challenging.  Long ago I read in a positive thinking book that if one looks for a special moment or surprise in each day, the entire day takes on an expectant attitude of wonder. Well today’s beautiful moment was so special that I will be thinking about it all […]


“Tis the Season for Giving

It is the season for giving but what is really heart warming about this painting by a second grader is that he initiated this thank you picture all by himself after he and his little sister received our  surprise package of gifts for the Thanksgiving season. Here is what our grandson wrote: Translation: Dear Nona and Papa, Thank […]

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Modern Casting Magazine (Sept. 2010) Artists: Bobbi Mastrangelo & Kim Christiansen

“SHAKEOUT: From Streets to Galleries,” page 56 “Cast manhole and utility covers have inspired artists like Bobbi Mastrangelo and Kim Christiansen to create works of art that have been on display in galleries around the country.” This is the Fiber Arts creation that Shannon Wetzel chose for The Shakeout page of Modern Casting Magazine.  The various […]